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Spoild BraT (spoild__brat) wrote,
@ 2003-11-20 09:50:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music::::God Send Me An Angel::::

    Depressed Still....
    These Tearz I Have Cried Fer So Long, Why Cant U Just See What Im Going Threw! Why Cant U Understand that Im Not Tha Same Az Everyone Else! Im Gone, Gone Far Away To A Land No1 Can Find Me! A Land So Interesting That These Tearz Will Be Gone , Gone Ferever!

    Well Life Iz Still Depressing And Going All To Hell! I Try Ta Make Everything Seem To Be Okie And Make Everyone Think Im Tha Happy Gurl! When Im Really Not! Muh Life Seemz Ta Be Falling Down On Me. So Much Stuff Has Been Going On I Really Dunno What Ta Do AnyMore!! Everything Seemz So I Dunno Not Kewl Anymore! I Dunno How Ta React or What Ta Say Or How Ta Face It!! IF Itz Not One Thing Itz Another! ME And Muh Man Fight To Much !! We Are Alwayz Fighting About Something And I Dunno Grrrrrr Itz Just So Complicated Anymore!! IT Aint Tha Same Az Be4!! Wish It Would Go Back Az It Was Be4 Thou!! MUh Grandmother Iz Sick And Shez A Diabetic, Her Sugar Keep Going Up And Shez Having Trouble And Everything iz So Tottaly Falling A Part!! No1 Listenz To Me Seemz Im Talking To A Wall, Wondering What Ta do,Ta Say, Or Do Next,Keep Talking Or Stop! One Voice SHould Be Heard and Yet I Feel So Down And Ignored! *Cryz* Oh Wellz I Guess Itz All Apart Of Life That God Wantz Me Ta Go Threw!!
    Online Life Iz Okie No Fighting Among All Of us We Are Pretty Much Great Friendz ONce Again Which Iz Very Good! LOve All Of You !! Hope Everything iz Going Great With Tha Onez that Has Bf'z!!
    Welp I Think Thatz About All Fer Now!! Take Care Peace Out Mad Love ~1~

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