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rae (specklesofme) wrote,
@ 2003-09-26 11:56:00
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    Current mood:contemplative
    Current music:portishead

    craziness. so now matt and i have caused a 'hubub'. hahahaaha. kinda worries me, kinda doesn't. not really sure at this point. and now i'm having second thoughts about telling someone else. but chances are at this point that she's already found out too. since you know, the person who told matt we were causing a hubub was at the moment hanging out with one of her good friends, and ex suitemates. trouble and a half. good thing i'm ditching for the weekend and going hiking with my girls. it'd be too intense for me otherwise i think. but i am going to miss hanging out with rich since him and matt and his brother and his brother's friends are all hanging out tonight. boo. ah well. i got lots of work to do this weekend though, rawr. but i need a nap. had a long one last night. ha. and i got stuff to work on for this women's studies meeting thinger we're puttin together. oh yeh, i saw the other rachel this morning - she said sara's still with the crazy guy from the flower shop that already has a wife and another girlfriend. and that she was pregnant over the summer. and isn't anymore. scariness. i can't even begin to imagine having to be that grown up at all. at all. one of mer's good friends from grade school, whose family i've known forever, since i was like five or something, is pregnant now too, in south carolina with her boyfriend. out of control. i'm way way way too young and immature for that kind of responsibility. waywayway. nowhere being anywhere near close. alright, i'm off. now that my internet works and i can work on german too.

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2003-10-03 22:50 (link)
will you be my friend?

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