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i can hear that song on the radio, radio (spechal_edd) wrote,
@ 2004-04-12 00:37:00
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    Current mood:im finally ALIVE!

    i think i know what life is
    well i have just truly felt what happiness is for the first time in so long. geez for awhile now my life has been so shitty. im either sad, mad, or just BLAH but damn im never truly happy. I just found out what happiness is. and all it took was me to put on a hoodie and sneakers, and run around my backyard in the rain.12:30. and im all by myself, dark, the rain pouring on my head. im running around and im smiling. i guess you all think im weird, just running around in my backyard in the rain and thinking im all happy. but i forgot what happiness was. now i remember. happiness is just being free. its being you, its perfect. its like you dont need a guy to make it all better, you dont need a friend, you dont need the perfect family. all you need is to just live. if dancing in the rain isnt living, then i dont know what is. but i just couldnt help but be there smiling. it was so perfect and i guess im just a loser dork for like being perfect all alone in the rain. but i loved it. and this is what happiness feels like. knowing that tomorrow will always be okay. damn ive missed knowing that. i know all these people whose lives are so jacked up. they dont know happy. they need it. everyone. thats what happy is. skipping, and looking at the sky. midnight sky. its perfect, its beautiful. im so at peace with my heart right now that i just wrote the most pathetic lil entry of my life. but dammit run in the rain. tell me how you feel after


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2004-04-13 12:43 (link)
that was beautiful. it touched my heart..aww


woo hoo rain !

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2004-04-13 16:23 (link)

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i <3 it!!
2004-04-14 18:10 (link)
wow bunz how insperational lol. you're sooo freakin right man!! lol

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Re: i <3 it!!
2004-04-14 18:35 (link)
lolol yeah man..TRY IT!

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