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Tirpy (spazzgirlpoo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 19:03:00
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    Current mood: numb
    Current music:Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

    wellll yesterday i threw up in the morning and my mean old mommy made me go to school anyway... and i just came right back home so it was pretty pointless. and i stayed home today cause i felt like a fat dog who tried to eat a poisonous grass during a heatwave in summer and the grass poisoned the dog and the dog fell on the hot street and started having stomach spaZms and a car that was being driven by a cat came and hit the dog. YeP. thats basically how i felt. and i was talkin to some girl and shes like whatcha up to and i was like nothin im just chillin at the holiday inn and she said i was such a thug. WoW i thought that was DitzT's job. well... actually it is.
    oh and here's some words of wisdom:

    1. never become a fat dog
    2. never eat poisoned grass
    3. especially during a heatwave in the middle of summer
    4. don't fall on hot asphault
    5. be nice to =^-^= s
    6. or if youre going to be mean to cats, keep them away from cars

    awwwww right. :D ohhhh man i feel so plastered right now... and my hair feels like the exxon val dez just took the piss-of-the-millennium on it. i need to showah. baaaaaaaaaaadly. i havent showered since..... ... sunday night. ohhhh yes.. i smell like a rat's ass. a huge, smelly, lice's lice's lice infested rat's ass. oh yes. very much so. alrighty time to be a lazy bumass some more and practice my "sprucer"-ing skills. hahahaha andrea you are very much so my hero for EVER using that word. sprucer. hahaha ... spruc.. hahaha nevermind.

    Catcha and beatcha up later

    ~*a comfortably numb.....

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