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jamie (spazzedfuck) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 07:47:00
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    ehh fuck you
    Yesterday in 2nd period a whole group of guys i hate were talking about Disney movies and about how they cry?!??! Bambi came up and since the guys are black it sounds like this " oh ya i cried so much in that flick" " like when his motha gets shot" "ya dude, that thumpa was so gangsta" that qoute right there almost made me go outta control. i couldnt stand it anymore. RAHHH!

    Then in 3rd period the teacher annoys the fuck outta me, hes such a dick and that class always makes me fall asleep
    4th we had a sub AND I HATED HIM i just sat there the whole time thinking of all the people and things people do that i ABSOLUTY hate! and it got me all pissed off, not to metion they played rap shit music at lunch, manda commented on how this music sucks and the ASB guy is supposed to fix it, cause hes getting a lot of complaints.

    at lunch me and manda can only stand about 50 people or a little more all together, keep in mind there like 3000 kids at this school. almost anyone and everyone that passes by gets a brash beating from our lips, even if they can hear us, we dont care.
    yesterday a girl was screaming at the top of her lungs ( god i hate this fucking shit school) and i yelled at her to stop, i dont think she heard me cause she didnt see me.
    there was a fucking girl with a huge backpack and purple strech pants and a matching purple turtleneck shirt. with glasses which she was still squinting and really short boy cut hair, she was perched on top of this cemet wall it was quite amuzing but quite odd.

    this class (first period) is getting so boring (computer business math) we do the same thing all fucking god damn day.. copy graphs, how fucking hard is it??! not hard at all but its getting the the fucking point where i DONT want to do it and then ill fail OMG HATE.

    There are so many weird asses in this world

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2003-10-21 16:56 (link)
too many weird asses really...and not even the good kind.

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