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Chris McLay (sparky0298) wrote,
@ 2003-11-30 10:20:00
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    Current mood: refreshed

    Last night sucked... Me and my sister had to go to a family get together thing and stayed for like 3 hours. After that my sister took me by the house to get supplies for drinking games/ drinks. Then she took me to my friend karla's house after at least 10 shots of wild turkey 101 proof bourbon wiskey, and like ... 6-8 shots of sky vodka (I dont know what proof it is cause i was to drunk to read the lable by then) we hung out in karla's room i dont remember much after that cause i ran to the bathroom to throw up and slipped and hit my head on the ground and blacked out for awhile (i didnt' feel it but i now have 2 black eyes so obviously i hit it pretty hard). then i was throwing up and slipping in and out of conciousness untill my sister got there to pick me up, she waited like 30 untill i was okay enough to support like half of my weight, and corey helped me to the car (corey, i love you for that lol) then i was throwing up the whole ride home and then when i got there my parents came outside and asked what happened. I said it must have been something i ate cause i got a bad migrain and was throwing up and hit my head running to the bathroom to throw up and i got dizzy and couldn't walk strait. of course my mom asked if i had been drinking and i denied it. i was soo drunk and all around shitty that i needed medical attention, but that would mean getting caught by my parents and fucking up life as i know it cause my parents dont know that ive done anything wrong in my life (hehe im good) so when they said "You need to go to the hospitol" i said "no i just need to sit here for a second" then i finally got to my bed (with help from my mom) and passed out and woke up around 9 feeling great (after i took a shower lol) So yah, thats a lesson for all of you drinkers
    A - dont drink over 20 shots of anything
    B - dont run on wet floors
    C - if you do one of those, at least make up a good excuse for your parents so you wont get caught


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2003-11-30 13:33 (link)
CHRIS CHRIS CHRIS... Learn your limits buddy... You should never get that drunk... whoooo.... But O well. Hope you had fun anyways... LUV YA BUDDY!

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2003-11-30 14:18 (link)
oh my god....20?!?!


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You're a lucky bastard
2003-12-01 00:36 (link)
Most people dont turn out so well, so make sure you did learn your lessons, and thank your sister you ungrateful fuck (joke) (or is it?) And yeah....invite me next time, i'll uhh...make sure you dont drink too much ;-)

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