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Kristen (sparklypenguin) wrote,
@ 2004-05-28 18:01:00
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    Guess who's getting a RAISE?!! Me! Finally, haha. Well, we had a secret shopper come in a while ago, and I got a perfect score on it. My boss was raving at me today about how great I was and stuff, then I said, "I think you should reward me by giving me a raise." And then he was like, "I do, too!" haha, so he started the paperwork and everything today and said he was going to fax it in. :)

    Otherwise, work sucked. So many dumbasses and rude people today, and it was so busy. But at least I'm home now.

    Last night, James and I saw Troy. It was really good, but pretty sad. Brad Pitt was really good in the movie, and looked good. ;) I was looking forward to watching Orlando Blooom also, but unfortunately he played a huge pussy in this movie, haha.

    Yesterday I got some new CDs, finally...I got Usher and a Keith Urban CD. I had been wanting both for a long time.

    I think I start summer school next Tuesday, ugh, it's every day at 8am. I wonder if I need to buy books and stuff...? I already had to buy a damn parking pass. Those bastards are sucking my life dry.

    Well, not much else is going on right now...just hanging out at the apartment.

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