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A dAy In ThE LifE... (sparklegirl87) wrote,
@ 2005-05-31 21:55:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:Big and Rich- Holy Water

    doctors are so stupid...
    so yeah today my mom told me that the doctors were wrong and she could still have cancer...she has to get tests done tomorrow and surgery on june 29...honestly why are doctors stupid like that, oh it looks like nothing then 3 days later, well it could be something lets take it out just in case because we dont know, is that not their job to know if it is cancer or not?? i feel so bad for my mom i mean she has to get all these tests done and surgery and doesnt even know if she has cancer or not...please can every1 say a prayer for her because she doesnt deserve to go through this...i know that me and her fight more than u should fight w/ure mom but i love her more than anything and she doesnt deserve to go through all this shit......

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2005-06-01 01:04 (link)
Babe it seems to me that the doctors just want money. B/c my mom went through the same thing with her liver. Then they ended up sayin she has a fatty liver. So I do think ur moms best bet would be go and get a second opinion.Now i know why u weren't very talkative on the phone tonight. I'm gonna get goin I love u

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