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A dAy In ThE LifE... (sparklegirl87) wrote,
@ 2005-04-24 19:32:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:Kelly Clarkson- Behind These Hazel Eyes

    16 more days....
    so there is 16 days until i get out of that hellhole....cannot wait....prom is friday...defiantely not ready at all, hopefully it will be fun, still kinda nervous bout how it will look and come together....ahhhh...this is like the most stressful time for me becuse of prom, tryin to get a's so i dont have to take finals, graduation and finally getting out of high school!!! i have like the worst cramps in the world, and the worst headache...ugh i hate being a girl...but i guess it could be worse i could been like on prom, now that would have sucked!!!! im not going to IV tomorrow morning cuz i feel like shit, but i cant miss school cuz it is senior skip day and hopefully some teachers will give out extra credit to the ppl that show such a loser i kno i should be skipping school but i really dont feel like it, and i could really use the extra credit in my classes....this weekend has been pretty interesting...hopefully these last 16 days of school will not have that much drama and stuff cuz i dont think i can handle anymore.....time to work on my 7 page english paper....

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2005-04-26 10:17 (link)
you are not a loser...and dont fuckin let people push you around. you are a tough bitch, just fucking show it. i will train you to become the ultimate warrior and KICK SOME ASS! peace out up for some valtrex vs. fuck ass action tonight? if you are lemme know. PEACE!

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2005-04-26 20:29 (link)
i gotta watch the house tonight cuz the parentals are gone til about yea thats a no go on halo.....what about thursday>? give me a holla let me know......nice entry by the way, i kno how ya feel....let me kno, and if not we can always do it this weekend sometime, oh and cant wait til friday, i heard u got a new buffalo!!! hahaha ill definaltey be there unless kyle wont let me see them again!!! hahahaha!!! later

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