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Stephen (spanky_the_monk) wrote,
@ 2004-12-24 14:30:00
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    Current music:Interpol - Specialist


    that pretty much sums up how i feel after being at home for about 5 hours and spending most of it sitting here by myself with nothing to do. The only saving grace is the music on the computer and i can play it loud as hell because there is no one here to tell me to turn it down.

    I know most people are excited about the holidays and being at home with they're families and whatnot and i know that i should be happy to be home. Not surprising at all i'm not really that happy at all to be here. Sure it's good to see everyone, especially JC, but i also have this amazing desire to want to get the hell out of here as soon as i can. There is no one to visit, no one will be visiting here, especially family. Sometimes i do get excited about Christmas, especially the years when most of the family is here, but this year i'm here with the people in my family who absolutely drive me nuts for no good reason at all.

    I know i must sound like a whiner right now, and i know it, but i can't help it, it's what this place does to me...........

    it's gonna be nice to get to Ryan's tomorrow and watch the hockey game


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2004-12-24 13:49 (link)
there ya go heather, it's not a super long post but it's a post :P

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2004-12-24 22:06 (link)
Hahaha...I *knew* it must've been b/c I asked for one!

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2004-12-24 23:16 (link)
god, i was so frustrated earlier today, i think i was cranky cuz i was alone at home and tired, and hungry, i've still barely eaten today, although i have eaten today :D

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