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Savannah (southernxbabi) wrote,
@ 2004-05-23 08:18:00
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    Church and lunch
    wow.. today is going to be pretty fuckn boring if ya ask me. I just woke up a lil while ago, and now after this i have to go take a shower and get ready for church and then my mom and i are probably going out somewhere to eat then back here so i can study for my exams. err. I left my Law Ed. study guides in my locker at school, so i don't know how i'm going to study for that one.. hmm. Who knows? I have a 99 in that class tho, so if i fail the exam, i'll still be passing. But yeah, I haven't talked to Tony since Friday (thats the guy that goes to Hanahan that I'm starting to "talk" to). I'm gona call him MOnday and see if he wants to do something together Wednesday after school. Cuz see.. he's in the same district (i'm used to talking to guys in diff. districts, like CHarleston and Dorchester) and Monday we have a full day of school, then Tuesday and Wednesday are half days. WHich means school starts at 730 and we get out at 1050! yay. so since i don't have my car yet, my dad said that i can take his car to school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh, yeah, i have to call another Tony on Monday too, to talk about me getting a job at Outback as a hostess. ( I applied for Applebee's too!) I need a damn job! So one of them better hire me!! :-0 lol.. alright we'll i'm out, gota go get ready. Maybe i'll update this later on today, who knows. ByeByes! xoxo

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