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From the Sounds Inside (soundsinside) wrote,
@ 2003-04-11 10:16:00
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    I woke up and felt really good today. I have no idea why.

    I've been in a funk lately. It's got to be the weather. Even though it looks cloudy out today, it still looks like it'll be a good day.

    After some serious thought I think I'm going to contact my old friend who plays bass. He's just completely a sick player, the best bassist I've ever seen. And having been through Berklee, that says a lot. He's not just all flashy, he understands what makes good bass lines and isn't all over the place on it when he doesn't need to be. But he can pull out that flashy stuff in an instant too. Plus he's a killer drummer and can do a little guitar.

    He's got that, and I've got the amazin' guitar skills, I can do scratch and work turntables, and I have good production and recording know-how. We're a sick team. The shit we've come up with over the years is great. Usually just covers of stuff, but we always put our own twist on it.

    We should be like the Neptunes or something, just produce everyone and make money. That'd be pretty fun actually!

    We've been playing since high school, like 5 or 6 years. He's been one of the only people I trust musically, he's got such a wide variety in taste.

    Yeah, definitely need to start some jamming up again. I'm stoked about this.

    I didn't drink any coffee yesterday, so as I said, I went to bed at like 10, and woke up at 9. Lately, I've been sleeping in until like 8 or 9, and being pretty lazy. Today I feel energized. Yeah, I did drink coffee this morning, but only to wake up, because I didn't want to sleep all day.

    Got to hit up the grocery and class, sorry to bore you so much :)

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