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From the Sounds Inside (soundsinside) wrote,
@ 2003-04-06 23:16:00
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    A bunch of random fucking thoughts.
    I saw a commercial for "Married by America" ... this woman is upset because her fiance ends up cheating with some strippers at the bacheleor party.

    SHUT!! UP!! You go on tv because you're so pathetic you can't meet someone in real life, and let Fox and America hook you up with someone. Not even just introduce you, but you promise to get married! Fuck you! You've got nothing to cry about, like this guy is your perfect match. You've known him for what, one, two weeks?

    You can't care for someone that much after two weeks of knowing them. I could go find a bunch of perfect matches on a personals site, but how many of those people will actually have chemistry with me??

    Ugh, tv has a new low point.

    I'm going to buy 'Falling Down' tomorrow at Target, because it's 9.99, and it's a great movie with some funny lines. We all would love to be in Michael Douglas's position, just taking so much shit and finally flipping out and fucking everyone else over. As I said earlier, I'm just going to watch movies tomorrow if it snows. I've got one class in the morning, but then that's it.

    I'm in the middle of writing a story right now. I think it's going well. I'm not sure if I'm even that great a writer, but I think I have good ideas and can tell stories well. It's going to be about this guy who's being chased by a mysterious figure (I haven't exactly figure this out yet) and ends up going insane. The important thing is that I love to write for myself. In no way would I consider it anything more than a hobby. Much like photography. That's something that is purely a hobby, despite the fact I believe I could make a living doing it. I just enjoy using it as an excuse to walk around and find perfect moments in time to capture.

    I'm reading Aldous Huxley's "Island" right now. I read most of it my freshman year in english, but then I let it to some dick who never gave it back. I have a hard time reading books. I know a lot of people love them, but books are daunting to me. There are so many books that just look so average, even more that look awful. I never take people's book recommendations, mostly because I barely read. I read like three or four books a year. Mostly classic literature. Like my roommate said "There's a reason they're classics". They're all great stories, extremely well written. On the agenda now is still the "Lord of the Rings" books, "The Grapes of Wrath", and the above mentioned. What I love most is that they all cost next to nothing anymore, since most are summer reading assignments, I can get them all for $5-7 bucks a piece.

    What I like about Sundays is that after Seinfeld at 11, they go right to King of the Hill. I used to hate that show, but I started to watch it a month or two ago and got hooked. I love the Simpsons, but I got way burnt out on them while I was in the dorms. I've seen every episode multiple times (along with the Cosby Show, Saved by the Bell, and the Brady Bunch). I have a fascination with Texas for some reason. Well the entire south west. I love the desert. It's wide open skies and "sparseness". But I guess I love the deep woods of the northeast for the same reason, except I like the green a lot more than the orange. And the ocean. That's a must have.

    Well, I've ranted enough. Time for a flick.

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