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From the Sounds Inside (soundsinside) wrote,
@ 2003-04-06 18:41:00
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    One day of sun and now we're supposed to be back to snow.

    Sucks. Fortunately, I got my groceries today so I'll probably hit up Best Buy in the morning for some movies and then just lock myself inside. I hate the fact I have to go back and buy all these movies on DVD now. I start thinking "Well, I already have it on tape, maybe I should get something else first". I'm just now, spur of the moment, buying stuff. And I don't regret it!

    I had a thought today that I should start a real journal where I write down everything that happened that day and what I thought, in case I lose my mind or have amnesia. I know that seems like an extremely weird thought, but it's how I think these days. Actually, I stole it from a show, where a kid had amnesia and had to have notecards explaining who everyone he knew was (what a terrible sentence). Like I have that kind of discipline anyways.

    I guess I don't have anything to say really. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do about my friends ditching me. Doesn't seem worth it to just cut them off, I'd rather make them feel guilty, maybe a little minor psychological torture. Maybe some prank pizza deliveries! I don't know, it still sucks, but I'm not sure how I feel yet.

    There's this little spot in Boston that I go to frequently, it's right on the water, it's peaceful, quiet, and I usually do a lot of thinking and writing there. I like to write crazy short stories a la Stephen King, weird people losing their minds and going off the deep end. Anyways, I'll have to get down there to figure out what I'm going to do. With shitty weather though, that could be awhile.

    Oh well, I've still got movies to watch.

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