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Lars (soulrane) wrote,
@ 2004-01-12 17:11:00
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    damn..its been awhile...where should i start?....

    well the crew is doing well. there is a split in between the bboys and the funkstylists. its just b'c they are two totally different styles of dancing. no problem though...we rock it together at Jillian's every friday night. so thats fine with me.

    the living, its just there. nothing new nothing old. Vinces dad finally came home. so he needs hit rest. you know how it goes...70 somethin years old + major surgery...yeah id be cold chillen too. i swear man, i clean that house like crazy...i feel like a modern day slave. naw, hahah...but i do bust my ass. at least i have a roof over my head and food in my mouth, so why should i complain right?!

    damn i have 19 minutes left on this library computer. WACK!!! garbage ass library district. ive had alot on my mind lately. ive been producing ALOT of new art work. i have so many thoughts in my head that i need to get them out...and the only thing i can do late at night is rock a drawing in the sketch book or work on my paintings. its nice to finish a piece and self critique it. sometimes i hate what i had drawn..but i keep it anyways. its good to look back on your progression as an artist. you can see your style forming through each piece. im going to be doing an art gallery soon. so if anyone is interested in coming or even seeing some picks from the show. let me know and ill get back at you. right now im working on a mix-tape (cd) to sell. its going to be a 2-disc set. A and B side like oldschool casette tapes. one disc is going to be a soul/jazz mix and, the other will be a breaks mix. you know, the mexican, 40 days...shit like that...and some new songs that you havent heard. hehe. ill keep everyone posted on the status of it. peace.


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2004-01-13 00:37 (link)
Yo!!!!!!!!!! B2k you got served!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO! I'm so freaking excited!

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2004-01-13 00:57 (link)
heheee this is tapu! me n hent were talking about you today...wondering if you're doing okay.
we miss you like hella times hellas! lol
well i was kinda dipressed scince i got back from japan. i just got out of that mode today...i feel much better right now. i wish i could talk to ya but at the same time i didnt exactly know what was wrong with me. all of a sudden i got lost about everything...all at once...poooooooooo
the first thing hent told me this morning was "your so shutuupid!" lol so i think im alright!! uhhhhhhh!!!!! lol

i just wanted to tell you that it always makes me happy to know that you're doin good.
i have to get yo mix CDs fo sho...n you kno that! and if you have a site for your art work...lemme kno cuz i would love to check it out. ^-^
i cant wait for the day to dance with you again lars...oh ye lil E is still hyped about visiting you someday in vegas too!
send me an email whenever u can! oh ya one more thing tho, do you still have that clip you took for me before u came to visit us?? I GOTS TO SEE IT! @V@

hihii much love lars!

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