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Lars (soulrane) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 13:23:00
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Truth is...
2003-10-27 01:02 (link)
Whats up nephews? raneman i found your i took a look around and found this so i thought i'd illuminate on this subject...allrightly then: People of the Sun ( which is probably the tightest name ever ) was created by myself...alex.diem.kazoo...whatever you wanna call me. We...Lars, Vince, and myself were talking with Remind a few years ago in San Fran about living in vegas (which he does too...for those who dont know ) and he was like "Oh you guys live there too? ah cool...people of the sun.." I think the other two kids were happier that they had talked with remind then what he actually said...oh...and at that time we were still "almost good" (r.i.p)...but i was really into what he said & i told them that i thought it was an amazing crew when agc died we tried to come up with a new name...and i proposed people of the sun...the name stuck...i didnt...i wasnt one of the "original members" but i was the creator of the name ( along with Garage Squad and Almost Good Crew...which were both my brain childs ) i battled into the crew and then fell off. whether i am still considered a "part of the crew" or just a faint memory of a breaker that fell not sure but thats it...I just wanted to let yall know
WHATS UP KIDS: Vince, Lars, all yall...

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Re: Truth is...
2003-10-27 03:20 (link)
Alex! Hey, Well, thanks for shining light on this subject. Wow! the Crew name now has a new meaning! Hmm never even thought of that. But yeah I did forget to mention you in my previous comment. Like I said before, I never questioned the origin of the crew name, however it is important. Nice to hear from you, and look forward to gettin down... I wonder the status of the Fro!

Haha! - Drigo ~People of the SUN

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Re: Truth is...
2003-10-27 04:13 (link)
True, the name "People of the Sun" is directly inspired from bboy remind. It is unfortunate that you stopped bboyin alex. You were crazy good, you should try and come to our sessions sometime. Peace

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Re: Truth is...
2003-10-27 07:35 (link)
unfortunate was, but would you still get down if you had the chance? i really dont think you would...but maybe thats just how im feelin after all this time. whatever yo, things change sometimes you know? peace.


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