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Jesyka (sosexualjesyka) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 17:40:00
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    okay back!
    yea my steering wheel is gunna be big though, mos def, maybe black leather, i cunt decide.

    the interior is gunna be black and midnight blue like the pearl. Maybe ill jus fix up the interior thats in there already because it looks good, but its a lil tore up. who knows up to what papi can find.

    of course get new windows because it has none! Man they are ALL smashed in. the story is that the girlfriend got mad at the boyfriend because he beat her up so she tore up his car, and he went to prison. I dont blame her shit. Ima get these tinted alil bit not too much though cause i wanna roll wif my windows down too and then i dont wanna get a ticket for havin em too dark and have to take em off.

    the rims and tires are gunna be street. of course cause ima have a v6 engine in there with sum performance shit in it!YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Even the gear shifter is gunna be all pimped out. fucc! i want this car with everything i have!

    my dads got hook ups for all the shit it needs, so its not gunna be too hard to finnish and if i wait ne longer to buy it the price will have gone up. i dont wanna wait! and plus it aint all customized and shit so its an easy project.

    the system in it is gunna be boooooooming because ima have my papi make the engine vrooooom but not roar because i still wanna bump. nah mean? but ill probley have to pay for the system which i dont mind cause i want a job ne ways. BUT hopefully one of my dads friends has a system to spare, as always. muhahaha, this shit is gunna be DOPE!

    even though i shouldnt get my hopes up, i still am. that is that best car ive seen even though its a peice of beat up shit. id just love to work on it with my dad. I could do the inside whiel my dad does the engine and wireing and shit. FFFFFFFFFFucc i want it! i dunnooo though cause my dad jus bought a customized made trailor that is costing us a grip already. but its only 1200-1600 dollers we have to spear from the trailor. i mean all that small shit can wait. i can wait 1-2 years and have my car. i can i can i can. i wanna ride in it. i jus want him to put the engine in so its runing and i know it will run, and then we can work on all the sexy shit. well, yea it needs windows a bumper and rear end and all the electrical shit but still, i want it! oh and boyd work too. im willing to get that shit done. car seats arent expenisive at swamp meets and they probley work out deals as usual.

    do u really think im obsessing over this? I AM THOUGH! oh gosh this is not good. oh yes and i came to the conclusion if i cant have the nova i want a new impala. cause i could get rims on it and tint up the windows and get a system in it and ill be jus fine. cause chevys already come all souped up most of the time and if the impala doesnt then my dad will hook me up. DDDDDDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH.

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2003-08-11 15:57 (link)
its not "swamp meet" buddy, its "swap meet"....... *snort*

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