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sortacurious (sortacurious) wrote,
@ 2006-05-27 15:00:00
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    Current mood: horny

    Vitual Housewarming
    We're still not unpacked and hopefully will be getting some of that new furniture this week. But it's taken me awhile to post the pictures I took on moving day. They are not great as the moving guys were hauling stuff in so fast I was worried that it would be overcome with boxes and random furniture before I could get any shots taken. But here's a little bit of a view of our home now:

    Dining Room

    Family Room

    Kitchen with Mom

    Master Bedroom with nook

    Walkin Closets & Bathroom Door

    One of the Master Vanities

    Master Roman Tub

    Entering Shower

    Dual Shower Wall

    I hope to take some photos this weekend around the outside and then even more once the boxes are cleared out and it starts resembling a homey environment, LOL.

    As for today, I'm unpacking dishes to run through to dishwasher, load by load so as not to have it all over the counters while waiting to be washed. I'm also going to catch up on some laundry and maybe browse through the couple decorating magazines I picked up last week. Mostly, it's time to recouperate from another extremely long and intense work week. Next week is looking like another crazy one so some down time is desparerately needed.

    Also some pondering on a upcoming post is on the agenda. Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

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2006-05-27 16:36 (link)
hey, im horny too! ;)

love it it! when can i come use that sweet bathroom???????


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2006-05-28 09:33 (link)
Uh oh, look out world, the two of us...horny! This could get wicked!

As soon as I get some nice candles set out/unpacked and can soak, play, relax whenever you want! ;)

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2006-05-29 04:20 (link)
Can I play too? ;)

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2006-05-29 20:51 (link)
today woulda been a great day to do all of that too, darlin luka. you have any free time tomorrow? (for a phone call not a romp in the bathroom...*snicker*)

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