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Sophie (sophie_chick) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 01:41:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:"Vitamin" Incubus

    Yeah, I don't know....
    Ummm... I totally forgot what I was going to write about. I do need to state that I'm still at zero. I'm just not motivated or something, lol. I've been too sleepy in the new year, heh. I'm too old! Lol... jeez.

    Okay, I had an odd dream last night. It was a pretty good dream, but weird. I lived in the house my grandma lived in like... eight years ago. But, Brendan was there, and we were having a birthday party for him. My sister and I were doing baloons, and a lot of them kept losing air. So, Brendan told us that we should duct tape the holes, and I started laughing, and my sister looked at me like I was insane because she didn't watch the show. But, then he and I were sitting in what we used to call the "extra room." (Not sure why we called it that... whatever.) And he was telling me about all of the guys... and it was just weird. I think he might have kissed me? I don't know. I just remember having this weird feeling during the dream, and I felt a little weird when I woke up. Weird.

    I would like to say that I didn't read that article until Tiff brought it to my attention, and now I feel the need to read the follow-ups. I'm not pleased. It's not really an entertaining topic. *shrugs*

    Oh, so the other night, none of my friends were online, and I had to download a couple songs for my mom. I was so bored while I was waiting, so I decided to hop around the chat rooms. I ran into these two guys that were roaming around... basically annoying the people in every room they went in. Well, I was all responding to their wackiness... and they took a liking to me. Hehehe. It was so fun. But, then yahoo was being a bitch, and I was booted, and when I got back they were gone. :( And, they both had nicknames, so I didn't know them by their screen names... so I couldn't find them. It was sad. They were so fun!!! Good times.

    Oh, the cyber guy from recently talked to me today. He wanted a little somethin' somethin'. I didn't give it to him... I'm a lady and stuff. Even though I put out on our first meeting... whatever. LMFAO! I'm insane.

    I can't think. I need sleep. I'm going to bed. Hmph.

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Ta DA!
2004-01-07 00:08 (link)
Hey girlie! I got me an account. Lookie! I basically ripped off your name, whatever. But, I figure I'll write here or at my livejournal and then paste the entry in the other. But, when you comment, you have to comment both places, lol. We need to get Tiff to create an account as tiff_chick and then we can be "The_Chicks"... wouldn't that be fun? Fun or gay... either/or.

Anyway, I love ya, sweetie!

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