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Sophie (sophie_chick) wrote,
@ 2003-12-21 01:07:00
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    Current mood:cold
    Current music:That new, sucky JC song. :|!!!

    I'm about to FREEZE!!!
    I have no idea why the hell I'm so cold! It drives me crazy!!! I need some thicker pants and big 'ole socks, and gloves and shit! Anyway, now that I've gotten that out of my system....

    I talked to Tiff-ay on the phone tonight. Lmfao! What a trip, yo! We should limit ourselves to online... where it's safe from our awful fake accents and infectious laughter. *shakes head* The good portion of the convo was just us laughing... we really are insane, I feel.

    But, I really do need to write about my little "fantasies" more often... lol. Last night, after I wrote in here, I had a dream that I "did the nasty" with Paul! I would highly recommend it! Wait, recommend what? The dream? The fantasy? I don't care, it was nice!!!

    Ummm... I'm tired, and this is a short, pointless entry, so woo!!!!

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go find a heater yo!
2003-12-22 21:51 (link)
hey u commented on my blurty so im returnin the favor! have a nice nite and WARM UP!!! later. lol.

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2003-12-23 15:49 (link)
im addin u on my friends list hope ya dont mind!

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I'm back-tracking..........
2003-12-29 02:47 (link)
That night on the phone was so fun!!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa.

I like the thought of you and Paul though. Wait, is he the one I think is cute? I don't know their names!

Love, Tiff

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