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Sophie (sophie_chick) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 01:39:00
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    Current mood:troubled
    Current music:"Sober" Tool

    Trust in me and fall as well...
    Okay, seriously?! I just want to hit some people! Hmph! I'm bothered by so many stupid things right now. I will, however, discuss one bothersome thing.

    The Brendan Leonard Show message board. Now, yes... I'm a member, and damn proud of it! But! So many of those chicks are so fucking hypocritical, I want to slap them! Not all of them, there are some cool chicas over there. But, they go on and on about not using profanity and this and that. (One of the board rules is something about not using profanity.) YET! They think it's super cute when one of the fellas (Shee) says something like "this town fuckin' stinks" in one of the videos on the site. Now all of a sudden, it's cool to say "fuck." *shakes head*

    I guess it just bugs me that so many of the girls are younger than me... and totally act it. But, there are board wars there just like any other board. There is always going to be a couple assholes that want to get a rise out of people... and of course some people have to give in... give the fucker just what he or she wants... a fight-type-dealie. I just don't know.

    Dude, I remember at the Incubus boards, you wouldn't DARE say anything about Brandon being "hot." People would attack you, lord! I mean, it was cool if you thought any of the other guys were hot... just not Brandon. Because, if you thought Brandon was hot, then you only liked the band because of the "cute lead singer." Please! I've liked them for YEARS! And for the longest time I thought Brandon looked so sickly! I hated his dreads. But, once he cut them off... oooh, buddy! Break me off a piece of that! He became the subject of many of my fantasies.... *drifts off just thinking about it* What I wouldn't do to him, let me tell ya!

    And now, on the BLS boards, everyone is all about "_______ is sooooo hott!!!" Seriously, using two t's doesn't make said person hotter. It really, really doesn't. *shakes head* But, I totally can't chose between the eight of them! Teeheehee. All of them are a teensy bit younger than me, which bothered me at first... I got over it. Some girls are all "Oh, I wish I could meet them." then say something like "______ is so sexy!" Yeah, I know what you want to do in your imaginary meeting.... mmhmm. Sex is so taboo there! Lol. I feel so censored, lol. It's like the show! I mean, they are 19 year old boys on ABC Family! They were censored up the ASS!!! Now, I feel I am censored on their site. I fell their pain, yo! Some might say it's ironic.... Something to think about anyway.

    OH! And some of the chickies write fan fiction. Wowza! *shakes head* It's so G rated. I read a little bit of one story... it about made me vomit. It's all "he likes me... I like him... OMG, we kissed!!!" Vomit. Some good fan fiction would be... oh, I dunno... Paul and I fucking... or Pat... or Carney... or Sheehan... or Ryan... or Carlson... or Robbie... or Brendan. (In no particular order, for I am one indecisive person!) I would say something like... me with Ryan and Shee, you know, a little team fresh somethin' somethin'! But, for some reason, I have yet to get behind the MMF thing. *shrugs* However, I don't mind seeing two guys kiss... I love that! I guess I'm just not big on the whole anal thing and whatnot... whatever.

    Anyway! I guess I kind of understand though. I was so... pure in high school, lol. For the most part, anyway. I'm still convinced that when I started masturbating, I wasn't even doing it right, LMFAO! I graduated high school a virgin, much to my bf's dismay! Heh. But, yeah, we had done a little... I gave him a hand job, he fingered me. We didn't even do oral until shortly after graduation. But, my first orgasm was definitely when I was alone. *nods* I, still to this day have no idea what the hell I was doing wrong at first! Lol. Jeez! Point being, I guess a lot of these girls are at the point I was at at their age. I mean, thinking back... well, actually I don't like to think about it... but if I were masturbating all through high school (not just senior year, I was a late bloomer) I think the high school experience would not have been nearly as stressful. If I knew then what I know now! Think of the tension I could have prevented!!!

    Anyway! I'm just rambling on and on tonight! I need sleep. Fo shizzle, my nizzle. :P

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More backtracking.........
2003-12-29 02:51 (link)
Lmfao! Dude, you're insane! But, yeah, I vaguely remember the Incubus boards. I was there for a little bit. The "fo shizzle, my nizzle" killed me! But, yeah. You should have started masturbating sooner in high school. I started... the last part of sophmore year, I think it helped, lmfao!

Still lovin' you, Tiff

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