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karan (sonybattery) wrote,
@ 2012-01-05 16:29:00
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    Taking care of laptop battery

    Taking care of laptop battery

    Do you feel that, whatever you do, the computer's battery is discharged too quickly? It may be time to replace the battery. Over time, batteries lose the ability to hold a charge. This notification is new in Windows 7, earlier versions of Windows do not have the notification that the battery may be damaged. This implies that, although the battery was fully charged, the actual amount of energy the battery can hold decreases.All batteries have a nominal capacity determined, which consists mostly of a load capacity of the battery.

    If you notice that the time on battery power is being reduced, it is likely that the battery has lost much of the ability to hold a charge. Another sign that the battery is losing the ability to hold a charge is to reduce the recharging time. A battery that is damaged can also cause the computer to unexpectedly shut down or go into hibernation, even though the Dell inspiron 1720 battery indicator features a large remaining capacity (70 or 80 percent).Because you get connected and back in business is our business!

    One of the signs that a battery can be damaged are the minor times of capacity utilization and, subsequently, lower recharge times.Fortunately, Windows can help when a battery loses the ability to retain a full charge. When the battery capacity is reduced to 40 percent of original capacity (ie, it can only hold 40 percent or less of rated capacity after being recharged), you will see a notification under the battery indicator icon that tells you that the Dell latitude d630 battery can be be damaged.

    If you do not wish to receive this notification, you can disable it by unchecking the check box for the battery indicator.Many batteries present signs of problems long before they reach only 40 percent of original capacity. In addition, many computer manufacturers offer programs that can be used to measure the battery performance. These programs may be more sensitive to battery problems and should be used first to check the computer's Dell vostro 1510 battery. For more information about solutions to fix this problem, see Solutions to common problems of the battery.

    Some computer manufacturers indicate that the nominal capacity of their batteries is equal to the level of the last full charge, so it is possible that the battery is below the warning threshold is presented without any warning. If the computer's battery runs out very quickly, but the Dell inspiron 1520 battery indicator has previously indicated a full charge, you may need to replace the battery. See the information from your computer manufacturer about replacing the battery.

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