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Lilith, Goddess of Death (somethingwrong) wrote,
@ 2004-08-18 16:48:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Pushing me away ~ linkin park

    omg...i have to pee...ok im back!

    ok so i have to write this fast cuz my grandpa wants to use the computer but who cares about him ANYWAY!

    BeautiefulChi: HI!
    BeautiefulChi: i was hoping i would get to talk to you
    CheeselordTimo: How's it going girl?
    BeautiefulChi: its going good and your self umm boy
    BeautiefulChi: i thought you were leaving for Gencon today
    CheeselordTimo: I don't leave until after work
    BeautiefulChi: i thought you were talking 3 days off?
    CheeselordTimo: I am
    CheeselordTimo: I leave today, the con is thursday to sunday, we leave sunday afternoon and get back late sunday/early monday, then I sleep it off on monday
    BeautiefulChi: ooh
    BeautiefulChi: i showed jessie the pear dream
    BeautiefulChi: she wasnt hurt as much as i was :'(
    BeautiefulChi: so when do you think you could come down here and visit?
    BeautiefulChi: brb
    CheeselordTimo: well I can try next week pretty much any time

    Auto response from BeautiefulChi: pittle time

    CheeselordTimo: although I'm going to try to do some more shooting
    BeautiefulChi: ok
    BeautiefulChi: thats cool
    BeautiefulChi: ::hugs::
    BeautiefulChi: my friend Rob bought me the funnyest pin
    CheeselordTimo: hmm?
    BeautiefulChi: it says this penis intended strictly for entertainment perposes do not use at a floatation device
    CheeselordTimo: LOL
    CheeselordTimo: that's ammusing
    BeautiefulChi: isnt it?
    BeautiefulChi: hehehehe
    BeautiefulChi: so whatcha working on?
    CheeselordTimo: Well....
    CheeselordTimo: actually there was a little hang up with the convention you see
    BeautiefulChi: uh huh
    CheeselordTimo: the parents don't like the idea of us driving 14 hours after work, and even worse, driving 14 hours back after the convention
    BeautiefulChi: yeah
    CheeselordTimo: So they told me I couldn't go
    CheeselordTimo: and, as I'm now writing in my email to dad, I'm not accepting that answer
    CheeselordTimo: Because I'm 18 god damn it
    BeautiefulChi: you go girl i meen guy!!
    BeautiefulChi: hehe
    BeautiefulChi: =^_^=
    CheeselordTimo: yeah. Just gotta take a few precautions to make sure that they know I'm not doing this out of spite and that I'm taking this responsibly
    BeautiefulChi: yyeeah
    BeautiefulChi: i meen what are they going to do GROUND YOU
    CheeselordTimo: If so, my friends all have cars, and if I need to I can live with Jason for the last MONTH till college
    CheeselordTimo: but FUCK this shit, I'm not letting my father be the over-protective ass he's been all my life any more
    BeautiefulChi: yeah FUCK HIM! wait yeah... right? um.....hehehe
    BeautiefulChi: ugh....i hate it when parents get all controlling and never let you do anything
    BeautiefulChi: but for me its my grandparents
    BeautiefulChi: :-\
    BeautiefulChi: i've never heard you talk like this.....all controlling and demanding!
    BeautiefulChi: its sexxy
    BeautiefulChi: EEP
    BeautiefulChi: did i say that?! =-O
    BeautiefulChi: you didnt hear that
    BeautiefulChi: ;-)
    CheeselordTimo: *pat pat*
    CheeselordTimo: OMG you rock you know that
    BeautiefulChi: :-[
    BeautiefulChi: do i?
    CheeselordTimo: I needed something to lighten the mood. I'm kind of brooding about all this
    BeautiefulChi: ::blink::
    CheeselordTimo: I really hate having to go directly against my parents wills, but I have no choice
    BeautiefulChi: aww ::::GLOMPS:::
    BeautiefulChi: i cant wait to accually Glomp you, its not the same online
    BeautiefulChi: ::^_^;
    BeautiefulChi: i havent glomped someone in 24 hours
    BeautiefulChi: im going to explode!!
    CheeselordTimo: yeah, I'm looking forward to it too
    CheeselordTimo: lol
    BeautiefulChi: dont forget my pins im a paying costomer!
    BeautiefulChi: they will totally go on my fuzzy lepord purse that jessie gave me
    CheeselordTimo: lol I still have to make them but I will
    CheeselordTimo: I'll make a batch of buttons when I get back
    BeautiefulChi: k
    BeautiefulChi: O.O ooooh buttons
    BeautiefulChi: ::pokes your belly button:: BUTTON!
    CheeselordTimo: however just a warning.....there is a chance because of all of this I might not be able to come down soon, and if I do it'll probably have to be a weekend so I can bum a ride off of Jimmy. Some of the others from the con would like to see you all again as well
    BeautiefulChi: ooooh i wish you could comedown this weekend my grandparents are going to the cape and it would have been perfect timing!!!
    BeautiefulChi: Tucker bought me a Chi Plushie!! ::huggles Chi:: awww
    CheeselordTimo: hehe yay!
    BeautiefulChi: ::huggles chi AND Mark:::
    BeautiefulChi: you know whhhaaat?
    BeautiefulChi: we should go to Anime Boston together it be fun ^_^
    CheeselordTimo: sounds good to me. Actually it might be kinda easy considering I need to take a bus or train back up from Philly for that
    BeautiefulChi: are you staying in boston?
    CheeselordTimo: next year I might
    CheeselordTimo: not sure
    CheeselordTimo: My father kinda has a stick up his butt about stuff like that, and I only live about 45 minutes away
    BeautiefulChi: gr Philli is Far away!
    BeautiefulChi: hmmm
    BeautiefulChi: boston from my house at the cape is like an hour and a half
    BeautiefulChi: maybe 2
    BeautiefulChi: omg everyone i know is going to college
    BeautiefulChi: or moving
    CheeselordTimo: Well 3/4 of my friends are staying, but I'm going, so that hardly really matters for me
    CheeselordTimo: =/
    BeautiefulChi: aww but your leaving!!! i forbid it
    BeautiefulChi: ::latches herself to you::
    CheeselordTimo: *hugs the leech* either way we won't be able to see each other very often. But I'll always be here online, and there's always the phone, and, best of all, there's always conventions
    BeautiefulChi: ::melts:: nobody ever talkes to me like that....
    CheeselordTimo: *just smiles*
    BeautiefulChi: ::blinks from her little fahn puttle::
    CheeselordTimo: *goes swimming in the puddle*
    BeautiefulChi: O.O
    BeautiefulChi: b4 you said that i was going to say solidated and just lays on ground
    BeautiefulChi: your swimming on my body
    CheeselordTimo: yes. yes I am
    CheeselordTimo: =P
    BeautiefulChi: are you having fun
    BeautiefulChi: ?
    BeautiefulChi: :::cracks a grin:::
    CheeselordTimo: oh but of course!
    BeautiefulChi: lol
    BeautiefulChi: aww i dont want you leaving for 4 days who the hell am i going to talk to
    CheeselordTimo: (not to be confused with butt off course)
    CheeselordTimo: lol
    BeautiefulChi: jessies at njs making out
    CheeselordTimo: well.....I'll be back.
    BeautiefulChi: lukes never on
    BeautiefulChi: nicole doesnt talk
    CheeselordTimo: lucky her
    BeautiefulChi: i know
    CheeselordTimo: *pat pat* I'm in the same boat.
    BeautiefulChi: so i saw luke yesterday and we made the break up offical i tryed to talk to you but you were out with your buddies i remember
    BeautiefulChi: d
    CheeselordTimo: I'm sorry
    BeautiefulChi: so me and my friend nikki went for a walk
    BeautiefulChi: no its ok
    BeautiefulChi: you have a life becides talking to me
    BeautiefulChi: i mean err talking online
    CheeselordTimo: that's true, but you know the first role of Timo don't you?
    BeautiefulChi: allways try to make some one happy
    CheeselordTimo: More specifically, if I'm physically capable of helping a friend, I do.
    CheeselordTimo: and chatting is helping sometimes
    BeautiefulChi: yeah
    CheeselordTimo: and yeah...I feel bad about that shit easily, so forgive my over-apologetic-ness.
    BeautiefulChi: its ok
    BeautiefulChi: and thanks for your rules of timo they allways seem to keep me smiling
    CheeselordTimo: *hugs*
    BeautiefulChi: ::hugs back::
    BeautiefulChi: *smiles* i dont know what it is about you......but your the only person i can talk to and not stop smiling its like happyness euradiates from your pores or somthing
    BeautiefulChi: lol
    CheeselordTimo: aww, thank you
    CheeselordTimo: I dunno what it is either, but if it helps make my friends feel better, that's all that matters.
    BeautiefulChi: :-[ your welcome, but i should be thanking you im normally a very depressed person
    CheeselordTimo: I just do what I can. =)
    BeautiefulChi: ::pinches cheeks (on the face i meen)::: its this cute little ball of happyness that makes the word go round lol
    CheeselordTimo: hehe
    BeautiefulChi: i hope im not freaking you out too badly
    CheeselordTimo: why would you be freaking me out?
    BeautiefulChi: im a freaky person ::does the freaky person dance::
    CheeselordTimo: So? All my friends are freaky/insane/not falling in the "normal" catagory
    BeautiefulChi: what is normal
    BeautiefulChi: the word is highly overated
    CheeselordTimo: fair enough. all I know is I'M not it it
    CheeselordTimo: *deletes one of the its
    BeautiefulChi: yay highfive! *highfives*
    BeautiefulChi: ugh i cant wait to get a new bed
    BeautiefulChi: my old one gives me back problems :-(
    BeautiefulChi: im all sore
    BeautiefulChi: so what are you working on at work?
    CheeselordTimo: waiting for a file to convert, and putting the finishing touches on my letter to dad
    BeautiefulChi: your still working on that? wow
    BeautiefulChi: must be very deep
    BeautiefulChi: my grandma deleted stepmania
    BeautiefulChi: O.O :-(
    CheeselordTimo: I'm trying to make the point that I'm not doing this simply to rebel, and that I need to be allowed to make my own decisions
    CheeselordTimo: and to make him not be quite as angry
    CheeselordTimo: and that sucks
    CheeselordTimo: (stepmania)
    BeautiefulChi: grr
    BeautiefulChi: all that hard work
    BeautiefulChi: oh well
    BeautiefulChi: ill just redownload it when i have my computer down at the cape
    CheeselordTimo: so is that where your new house is?
    BeautiefulChi: mmhm
    BeautiefulChi: in west dennis
    CheeselordTimo: how far is that from where you live now?
    BeautiefulChi: 2 1/2 hours
    CheeselordTimo: OUCH!
    BeautiefulChi: chi...
    BeautiefulChi: i know
    CheeselordTimo: you're closer to me than that
    BeautiefulChi: Chi?
    BeautiefulChi: hmm
    BeautiefulChi: im curious now
    BeautiefulChi: to mapquest
    BeautiefulChi: har har
    CheeselordTimo: I think it's about 2 hours to my place from w. dennis
    BeautiefulChi: at least you know where it is hehe
    BeautiefulChi: 2 hours exacticly with out pitstops
    BeautiefulChi: you best visit me on breaks
    BeautiefulChi: or i might have to beat you up kid
    CheeselordTimo: lol, I'll try
    BeautiefulChi: yay
    BeautiefulChi: oooh i wish coneticon was back again
    CheeselordTimo: worst case scenario, we'll see each other at the conventions
    BeautiefulChi: like um now and i was at it
    CheeselordTimo: hehe yeah...
    BeautiefulChi: so i never asked what are you majoring?
    CheeselordTimo: Film of course
    BeautiefulChi: im going to be a photographer
    BeautiefulChi: i love taking pictures
    BeautiefulChi: its my passion
    BeautiefulChi: your going to go into an art musium
    BeautiefulChi: and your going to see my art and photography
    CheeselordTimo: That would be cool
    BeautiefulChi: i wish i had a better camera tho :-(
    CheeselordTimo: you're going to watch a movie....and see my name scroll by in the credits
    BeautiefulChi: its going to be like Mark "TimO" [ insert last name here]
    CheeselordTimo: Scheid
    BeautiefulChi: i will try to remember that
    BeautiefulChi: there haha!
    BeautiefulChi: i put it in a buddy comment
    CheeselordTimo: righto
    CheeselordTimo: sounds good to me
    BeautiefulChi: yepperz
    BeautiefulChi: good sounds good to me
    BeautiefulChi: back, you should be riiight behind me helping my back right now...owies
    CheeselordTimo: yeah, that's my job...when I can actually get to you
    BeautiefulChi: i feel like i slept on the flood
    BeautiefulChi: floor*
    CheeselordTimo: I'm sorry
    BeautiefulChi: its ok
    BeautiefulChi: ill just have to crack my back a lot
    BeautiefulChi: like i always do to get it to stop hurting
    CheeselordTimo: mmm
    CheeselordTimo: well it's bad for your vertebrae, so don't go too nuts
    BeautiefulChi: oops...hehe
    BeautiefulChi: i crack my back like crazzzzzzzzy
    CheeselordTimo: lol
    BeautiefulChi: ::flops over:: aaaahhh better
    BeautiefulChi: ::gets up and sits in your lap::: so how you doin?
    CheeselordTimo: *starts working your back* just fine.
    CheeselordTimo: about to embark on a truely awesome trip
    BeautiefulChi: ::falls into comatos state::
    CheeselordTimo: and the only downside is that I'm going to be in trouble when I get back
    BeautiefulChi: aww
    CheeselordTimo: But for the con, it's well worth is
    BeautiefulChi: ::hugs::
    CheeselordTimo: *it
    CheeselordTimo: *cuddles*
    CheeselordTimo: (kinda works better than a hug when you're sitting in my lap, unless you're straddling me)
    BeautiefulChi: to be truly honest i am going to miss you
    CheeselordTimo: =( well I won't be gone for too long
    CheeselordTimo: write me an email to come home too or something.
    BeautiefulChi: i know...ill have to keep myself occupied somehow
    CheeselordTimo: lol
    CheeselordTimo: good to know I'm appreciated
    BeautiefulChi: ill Do that
    CheeselordTimo: yay!
    BeautiefulChi: (email thing)
    BeautiefulChi: aww mark your appreciated everywhere
    CheeselordTimo: *smiles*
    BeautiefulChi: but you allways have a special spot in my buddy list
    BeautiefulChi: ::blushes a bit::
    CheeselordTimo: aww!
    CheeselordTimo: SOOOOO CUTE!
    BeautiefulChi: am not
    CheeselordTimo: you calling me a liar?
    BeautiefulChi: never
    BeautiefulChi: you owe me a chocobo ride tho
    CheeselordTimo: then take the compliment as is. I do not say such things frivolously
    CheeselordTimo: well that can be arranged
    BeautiefulChi: ::feels like a tomato from last comment:::
    CheeselordTimo: hehe
    BeautiefulChi: :::Biiiiiiiiiiig hugs:::
    CheeselordTimo: yay! *hugs back*
    BeautiefulChi: i feel like a little kid with a crush on the boy next door
    CheeselordTimo: aww
    BeautiefulChi: ::looks around suspishously::
    CheeselordTimo: *looks himself**sees no one suspicious*
    BeautiefulChi: switchy eyes!
    BeautiefulChi: >.>
    BeautiefulChi: <.<
    BeautiefulChi: >.>
    CheeselordTimo: lol
    BeautiefulChi: you should be heading home soon you know, dont want to keep your friends waiting for very long
    CheeselordTimo: I'm skipping out on the parents remember? I'm getting picked up from here in 6 minutes
    CheeselordTimo: I've got to log in 2
    BeautiefulChi: ooooh
    CheeselordTimo: yeah
    BeautiefulChi: so where are you staying? in indiana?
    BeautiefulChi: motel...hotel...friends?
    CheeselordTimo: hotel
    CheeselordTimo: not that we'll be there very long =P
    BeautiefulChi: ooh fancy
    CheeselordTimo: but for now I'll give you an *EXTRA BIG HUG* to last you the weekend, and bid you farewell
    BeautiefulChi: if i goto boston con wish i have a 80% chance cuz my mom seems to want to go im staying at the con'
    CheeselordTimo: that'll be cool
    CheeselordTimo: but we can discuss that later
    CheeselordTimo: until we speak again!
    CheeselordTimo: *flees*
    BeautiefulChi: AWWWW :::BIG HUGS::: oxoxox have a fun and safe trip
    BeautiefulChi: take care
    CheeselordTimo: thank you, BYE BYE!
    BeautiefulChi: dont get to wasted
    BeautiefulChi: by anime

    thats a convo between me and MARK! this sexxy STUD from worchester hes going to college in philly :-( im going to miss him but he doesnt start school untill the 16th i think he said

    i miss him hes leaving for Indiana!! for 4 days!!!


    "he ruined my SOUP!" - my grandma randomly saying that from usptairs

    um yeah lifes good luke dumped me im sad about that but you know i bouce back quite easly hehe

    oh yeah NEW POEMS!!!

    I try to listen for an answer,
    It’s quiet...
    No one is around,
    I walk around this place,
    Your not here,
    I cry...
    I lay down,
    And sing myself to sleep...
    I wake...
    It’s still the same.
    There are no lights on,
    I walk again...
    For something,
    I stop for a voice,
    It’s you...
    Be free again...
    I look away,
    But only for a second...
    I turn back,
    And you’re gone again.
    I fall...
    And die.
    The world is reborn,
    But not rebuilt...
    We have failed.

    io have to walk the fucking dog ill prolly be on LATER! bye!!!

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2004-08-19 09:56 (link)
I probably would have read all of that but i couldnt... i was too confused. so yes. fahn is sexyness.....

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