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Kitten (someones_kitten) wrote,
@ 2003-05-22 16:05:00
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    Well lets see many things have happened since I last wrote in here. I found out people actually read this thing so I guess its different now. LoL. Well I went over to Mel's all the weekends I have not written. Let's see I got to stab to Mexicans becuase they were going to rape me and Mel, I GOT TO SEE JOSH!!!! YAY!!! MIRACLE!!!!, I got in a huge fight with my parents which caused my step-dad to attempt to kill me by pushing me down a flight of stairs. Hmmm what else... I pissed off Josh, My entire family, and Will. I am sorry to Will and Josh but fuck my family they don't give a flying fuck about me. So my dad called up to see if I was pregnent yet. What a nice Dad. I felt so glad I'd stabbed him right then. I cursed him out and hung up the phone. I got to get a piggy back ride from Josh, finally gets Jakes number after knowing him since August I believe. ITZ MIRACLE!!! Now Melanies dad expects me to clean up their house which is a bunch of bull. My chorus got first place in comptetition(we are a show chrous cant spell the other word). I almost killed myself, Caryn, and Rachel. God I hate them so much, they afraid to get near me now, they send messengers stupid preps(no offense to anyone). My door is busted and I busted a few objects myself. I got a new monkey at comptetion. We went to Kings Dominion after the competeion and hung out for bout 8 or 9 hours til teh awards ceremony in which tyme I bought a stone with I *heart* you engraved in it for someone, got a new monkey that a different Josh bought me, took pictures of people posing for the cam(some hilarious pictures there too, wish i had a scanner), got to play with this jelly ball ill call it(it was green and mushy and for those dirty minded pervs THATS NASTY), and ate some awesome food. But it was fucking expensive.

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2003-05-22 22:51 (link)
had u told me you were going to be at kd i would have been there if i could have gotten off of work but to late now well lata

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2003-05-23 17:32 (link)
awww sowwie

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