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*Audrey* (somelik3ithot) wrote,
@ 2006-06-16 10:15:00
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    Current mood: bored

    Work makes me a dull girl
    Today is going to be a long day. I can tell already!

    I'm at work [as usual] and instead of sifting through mounds of documents, I'm browsing EBAY instead [as usual.] I'm trying to find a cute baby bag - Maybe Coach or Louis? Anyone know of some nice ones? I mean who ever said that a mom couldn't be fashionable?

    My co-worker Kevin is being a royal pain in the ass ... [as usal.] Haha. If I didn't have some really good dirt on him he'd most likely drive me to the point of quiting just so I didn't have to see his annoying face everyday. However, I happen to have heard [and VERY unfortunately seen] him fucking my roomate Jodi. That's good dirt soley because my roomate [although a whore... and trust me, she is, I'm not being a jerk] happens to be [for some unkown reason] the love interest of Kevin's best friend and roomate, Ben. Now why Ben has any interest in my roomate is beyond my comprehension... Other than the fact that she's an easy lay.

    Okay, so for those of you who weren't my friends on my last journal, my roomate really is a whore, I'm not being callous. If she met you on the street she'd admit it to you! I think she's actually somewhat proud of it. She's one of those "Flavor-of-the-week" girls. She's a lot of fun [a lot] and a good listener, making her a worthy roomate, but I could really do without hearing the "Oh my God YES"s all night and the akward morning rituals while I'm eating breakfast before work and some un-known, hungover guy tries to sneak out the door without me seeing. I mean, REALLY it's getting old.

    Ding ding! I found one I like... If only it was hundereds cheaper...

    Shit, the boss is making rounds... Bye!

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2006-06-23 08:58 (link)
Are still around? I actually got round to adding you as a friend.

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2006-06-23 11:32 (link)
I just commented on your journal actually! I've been offline for a bit but I'm back!

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2006-06-27 08:19 (link)
I commented back to you. My reason for being slow is stress and laziness, sorry.

You going to update in ypur journal as well?

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2006-06-23 19:11 (link)
Bathe your roommate and bring her to me.

I'll give you a night's peace and send her back to you with a "just got bored out by fat pirate cock" look on her face. She won't be bagging any hammers for at least a month after I route her out for you.

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2006-07-10 09:07 (link)
HAHA! Well THANK THE LORD someone with a fat pirate cock will finnally take care of her for me. ;) I've been looking for someone like you but you're not listed in the yellow pages.

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2006-07-10 14:18 (link)
My services can be listed under: Breeders, Abuse Information and Treatment Centers, Health Care Consultants, Dating Services, and Nudist Organizations.

I'm looking forward to servicing you.

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