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SomedayInEurope (somedayineurope) wrote,
@ 2005-01-01 12:03:00
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    So it's the new year. Only 12 hours into 2005 and I've already broken 2 of my resolutions.

    What was I doing at midnight? Standing in the corner with a glass of Kahlua and milk watching 3 other couples kiss and one guy drop his pants (he wanted to enter the year with his pants around his ankles), all the while I'm thinking about what a loser I am because I'm 21 and I've never had a boyfriend to share the new year with... or anything else, for that matter. What's worse is that one of the other girls there was talking about all her MARRIED friends. Granted, she's a few years older than me, but still, that made me feel very behind in the scheme of things.

    I've heard that alcohol takes one of two effects on people: it either makes you feel good, or it makes you feel depressed. I think I'm the latter. Woo hoo.


    My resolutions for the year include:
    1. stick to "lifestyle makeover" plan -- yet another feeble attempt at losing weight
    2. lose 45 pounds as per "the plan"
    3. regulate sleeping schedule: bed @ 10p, up @ 6am M-F
    4. save at least $1000
    5. grow my hair out
    6. read 5 books from my book list
    7. pass physiology with a "B"
    8. watch less television -- only designated shows at designated times
    9. be more organized
    10. stop worrying about the guy factor and spend a whole year focusing on me, boys can wait until 2006 -- it's been 21 years, what will one more hurt?

    Okay, enough of the melodramatic stuff.

    I guess I better go get started on those resolutions.

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2005-01-01 16:26 (link)
there is one effect of alcohol that you forgot.... it makes you tell the truth.

you had a better new year than i did. i sat at home.... alone and sober. curt had my car since he had to work last night (he started his job this past week) so i couldnt go anywhere.... and of course with my lack of friends up here anymore, had no one to come and get me. yep, i was depressed.... i had the bf, just didnt spend new years with him..... and for me, that was 10 times worse than being single on new years. I'll post my resolutions in my journal when i think of some.

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