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Christina (socomfort006) wrote,
@ 2003-09-03 22:37:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:bad day- fuel

    a new journal for a new month
    well the livejournal is great.
    i <3 it more than this blurty shit. however, you can't start new accounts unless you have a code
    so i decided to write about what i do in this journal...and more of my personal feelings in the other one.

    here we go...
    another great day at the enrichment center
    trevor busted me in my lip bringing tears to my eyes...
    the boys were running around like wild animals and it was really hard to control them
    danny is this little red headed boy, he's my favorite...
    he's got the diaper rash lol. so he layed in my lap and we hid under his blanket.
    i am determined to get this boy potty trained if it kills the both of us.
    listen to me talk about little kids....


    after work i called steve.
    no answer. no call back.
    i just need someone to talk to that i trust and someone i can touch

    then zach let me down...
    i don't know what i expect.

    so i did my homework in my car.
    and took a drive to the brick wall with the view of a city.
    cried my lonelyness tears got my frozen coffee....
    and i am trying to move on.

    however, to top off this wonderful day
    i got a guilt trip...

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