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* g E t * [it] `tOgeThEr\\ (socogrl03) wrote,
@ 2003-09-29 16:45:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:MxPx - don't walk away

    if i were a month i would be: august
    if i were a day of the week i would be: saturday
    if i were a time of day i would be: midnight
    if i were a planet i would be: jupiter
    if i were a sea animal i would be: a fish
    if i were a direction i would be: west
    if i were a piece of furniture i would be: a couch
    if i were a sin i would be: ery haha
    if i were an historical figure i would be: pee wee herman
    if i were a liquid i would be: beer
    if i were a tree, i would be: bonzi tree (the mini trees)
    if i were a flower/plant: ROSE
    if i were a kind of weather, i would be: rainy
    if i were a musical instrument, i would be: tambourine
    if i were an animal, i would be: a tiger
    if i were a color, i would be: Pink
    if i were a vegetable, i would be: carrots
    if i were a sound, i would be: music
    if i were an element, i would be: silver
    if i were a car, i would be: a bug. because it sounds weird
    if i were a song, i would be: the birthday song!

    if i were a movie, i would be directed by: i don`t know!!
    if i were a book, i would be written by: dr.suess
    if i were a food, i would be: a free sample
    if i were a place, i would be: a beach
    if i were a material, i would be: silk
    if i were a taste, i would be: chocolate
    if i were a scent, i would be: lovespell
    if i were a word, i would be: WORD
    if i were an object, i would be: 48 pack of who's the alcoholic? but i'm not!
    if i were a body part i would be: i wanna be the funny bone
    if i were a facial I would be: a nose
    if i were a cartoon character I would be: spinelli on recess
    if i were a shape i would be a: star
    if i were a number i would be: 15
    if i were a disease i would be: hiiccupssss!

    you'd take that if you were cool^
    jamie hejna suckkks, your def. not cool anymorrre!
    YoU mAkE mE, mE

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