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* g E t * [it] `tOgeThEr\\ (socogrl03) wrote,
@ 2003-09-20 23:22:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:the transplants

    wow it's been forever..
    whoa like frikin good times tonight i'm tellin ya! i haven't updated this thing in like a week sorry guys but i've been busy and sick ewwwww. we had soo much hw so i haven't been on rejects in like 5 days and then ahh i'm so busy with school! ahh whatever umm soo what's up..ya yesterday we got out of school early for the power going out (YAY!) and then i came home and talked to people and watched a movie and hung out and i fell asleep at like 3:30 and slept til i was mad hyper last night! and then uhh i went to bed at like 1 and woke up at 9, my sleep scedule is so messed right now, and then uhh did nothing and finally went out on the trampoline with jamie and mike and the posse and then went to the football game...conard lost but i saw merenda and mady and lauren and sam and kim and a bunch of people. you know who's like the nicest kid?? elam! he was so nice he got my water and my candy cuz i can barely talk with me losing my voice lol. ahhaa okay so i came home at like 4:15 and then i took a shower and wrote some stuff and then i changed (again hahaa) and ate and went on the trampoline. and then i went to lauren's at like 7..ahaha it was funny i was soo sick so when i laughed i sounded so retarded!! and umm a little incident involving sam "rolling" across the sidewalk oh man you had to be there. and then with stupid idiot kim d. and her bitchiness. and her MOM'S! oh man long we chilled around after that and went outside and stuff it was just a fun night! <33 s-dawg, k-dawg, l-dawg, p-dawg <33 <---my playas fo life homefry!~!~!~ haha i was acting so ghetto it was funness...and i think we're havin a halloween party so your all invited! and then ehh i went home at like 10:30 and i just signed online now. whooahoo fun life i have

    i'll try to update sooner next time!
    - E LIZ aka e~dawg

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