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* g E t * [it] `tOgeThEr\\ (socogrl03) wrote,
@ 2003-09-07 00:11:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:alkaline trio

    fun nighT!!
    this was one frikin night way better than all my weeknights! so this afternoon went to get my haircut and eyebrows done. ehh got my hair pretty short it's right at my shoulders i like it you can see my highlights better now. and then im getting the red ones november 15th i think. yay! and then umm yeah went to go rent a movie with my mom. and lauren came over at like 2:30-ish..hung out for awhile and made brownies and then went outside and chilled with the 5th grade posse then the block party started at like 5-5:30. hung out and did all these kiddie games it was mad fun. lauren and i made candy necklaces and some foam visors LOL a bunch her fav was "jews are cool" and mine said "jesus is my homeboy" were kinda joking here guys. you gotta know us personally to get how weird we are. were like like religious freaks. ehh whatever! and then we ate at the party and hung out on my street. had some of my dad's beer lol and then i took one i found on some table. not alot just what was left. ehh drank that stuff and then running around playing manhunt was NOT smart! ahaha but it was fun. jamie was being weird he was like i wanna get soo wasted. he's 11..i'm like your kinda young..and he's like your only in high school... and i'm like it's different. and he's like i'm young i'm supposed to drink. poor kid. i dont know how much attention he gets from his parentals! haha i love that jamie. my bro told me he thinks of me like his sister, thats cute! ahah well it was such a fun night with me and lauren. were gonna have a blast at the fair! ill write soon

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Fun night!!!!
2003-09-27 16:15 (link)
ok so friday was so fun at our "team bonding" hahaha!!! First we were in the basement playing fooseball and everyone was really really loud then we played man hunt lol hahah! whil my team was hideing a hot kid (or at least he looked hot) came out and asked if we were haveing a party. Someone should have said yes but of course they said not really. Any way after man hunt we talked in the cirlcles and who could ever forget all of margarets BAND CAMP stories hahhahahaha!! i think the best part of the night was Red Rover lol omg!! whenever allyson would run into arms she made this wierd breathing noise hahahaha i laughed so hard! and then lauren fell on ur @$$ lol and it was so funny i almost peed in my pants! i was lauging so hard. And liz kept calling herself lizzie mcquire!! ewwwwwww lol hahah well the night wasnt over untill allyson did u little cheerleading scream and jump!! then everyone left.. but that night was so fun!! ill never forget it !!!

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