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~*WhoRe De AmOr~* (societysreject6) wrote,
@ 2004-07-29 00:49:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:m2m- mirror mirror

    mirror mirror hangin on the wall
    A few days ago i spent the night at lilis. we had fun. i got to meet the california boys. they are kinda funny. then we got a ride hom from todd who was lookin very sexxy..ya nho for bein a 25 y.o pizza boy..lmao. yesterday i went with lauren to take her grandma to get her cell fone. her gramma is too funny. purdle had her rap on and her gramma was jammin and makin up her own lyrics. then she had country on and her gramma was gettin down with her bad self. later on we went and seen my aunt cuz she wanted to see my aunts new dog. it was cute. today i hung out wit shawn. it was weird cuz i had to ask ricky to drive me over to shawns house. it was cool cuz he didnt seem to care. it was nice to hang out wit shawn. we played tony hawk then wat5ched kill bill. nicole came by then we went to rent a movie and went to dans. we didnt end up watchin the movie cuz a huge pillow fight broke after like a hour at dans we went to nicoles..and stood there for a lil while playin pool. shawn and nicole attacked me with markers. then we drove around and i screamed "OH' shawn, nicole and dan never experinced the OH so they were more than thne we came back to my house and showed my familiar my beautfil drawings..and shawn drew on my arm. "i love the clit" so my mom repeated it and i thought ity was well im dun. rcikys here..botherin

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2004-07-29 05:39 (link)
Girl, where you at? I can' t sleep and it is almost 5am, I just came home from Nadiah's at 3 and now I can't fall asleep, lol. I need my insomniac wife, lol.

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