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~*WhoRe De AmOr~* (societysreject6) wrote,
@ 2004-07-24 22:11:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:franchize - white tee

    i bang in my white teeeeee
    im talkin to my ex bf dave and hes makin me laff so freakin hard. were talkin bout ricky. and how ricky and him dont like one another and then he says this...

    SoCiEtYsReJeCt69: i dont really no why u 2 hate eachother but u do and its
    TheGodfather824: hahahha .... i dont really care ..... i honestly dont remember a thing about the kid other then hes ur brothers friends and there was always weird sexual tension between u

    funny part is hes like the 5th person to tell me that me and ricky had sexual tension and acted like we were goin out even before ne thin happend between us. how

    i saw dave jr today. hes soooo cute. i wanted to take him home. and then i drove to my aunts house. she got a new dog that reminds me of my leggs. but a bigger leggs. hard to explain. well not really but oh ok thats bout it. i think im spendin the night at my botches house.

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2004-07-26 21:52 (link)
u know u guys like each other...lmao luvya lots ~mimi~

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