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-ErIn- (soccergurl247) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 22:35:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:My fingers hitting the keyboard

    HoWdY YaLL!!!
    HeY everybody!! Whus shakin?! gosh I have so much to write about...I won't put everything though!!!
    ~First of all, I was in the Christmas parade!! Did you see me?? OMG i heard a LOT of people yelling for me!! But we weren't allowed to look around and stuff!! But at the end I was s0o0o ready to bust out!! haha we got to the Big E and I started shakin it!!!
    ~I really liked this guy, but found out that he and one of my best friends like each other...I liked him longer...but oh well...let's just see what happens...
    ~I think I like these two guys...but I won't name them because I actually want to keep quiet about something!! I've already told like 3 people about one of them...and one about the second...I think the second one has a girlfriend though...and the first one is one of my best friends...I hate when that happens...
    ~Tomorrow is the last day before our five-day break for Thanksgiving!!! I can't wait!! School is getting a little tired lol!! But I'll really miss my friends!!! I think we're gonna do some stuff!! I really miss them though...I know they don't do this intentionally, but they all have boyfriends or "unofficially" have one (KT lol)...and sometimes I just get left in the cold...

    Well it's 11!! Gotta go goodnight!!!!

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