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~Soccer Crazy~ (soccerfreak04) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 17:56:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:soccer chamts

    this is my first time using this. sooooo yeah....
    my mum is all baseball-y and stuff. my dad lost a bet against the marlines and yankees. i'm going for the yankees because i'm New Yorkin' even though i live in miami. I'm not into soccer yesterday day was the thrird game and i just watched US vs Italy (tie 2-2) instead LOL. My dad gets mad at me because i'm all colombian and not Nica. because i like soccer better then baseball. i don't like baseball its too boring no actioin really. Colombians are so fun to be around when a game is on... they're so in the game i love it. My mum loves me being all colombian she says its better then being Nica. My mum loves to mess with my dad LOL. but whatever i still think soccer is waaaaaaaaaaaay better and basketball =-D. chao.

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2005-03-16 13:30 (link)
all u soccer playin fags don't know anything about baseball it is the greatests game ever made. how could u possibly have fun running up and down a long field fighting to kick a gay ball. i would like to see u hit a tiny ball going possibly 80-90 mph. hope someone says something back

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2005-03-16 18:32 (link)
bit my nuts! baseball is a person hitting a ball with a stick! omg its sooo exciting i'm peeing in my pants. get a life! try playing with 10 people trying to jump over you for a ball! the sport is bloody! more then shitty baseball could ever be! in soccer you don't know whats coming up next....jeez let predict the next baseball game your gonna watch.... the guy is gonna throw a ball...the guy either hits it or not....if he does he'll run, if he doesn't then he'll go sit down and let someone try...repeat the step 600 times more. and let me tell you abother thing ass munch baseball is known to be the third best sport in the world, not alot of countrys play that sport...omg let me think whats the best sport in the world.... soccer. so shut up and go waste your life watching that shitty sport!

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