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LivingLove (snosurfpierce) wrote,
@ 2003-07-11 14:32:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Ace Troubleshooter

    Two days left.
    Well I leave in two days. Tonight I am going to the Traum Raum and then tomorrow night I am going to the Lights. Two clubs I haven't been to yet. The Lights is supposed to be the best and The Traum Raum is supposed to be really dirty, like drugs and stuff. But they are supposed to be really good. I am supposed to go on a "bike tour" in 30 mins. I am going with the family and I am going to look like a dork. I am supposed to go rowing tomorow and in the morning Aaron and Daniel are going to do their little raft test again. They are going to sail down the Krukau river in a little meter-wide wading pool. They have tested it once and Peter and I have pictures from it. Haha. They are crazy. I don't want to come home because I have so many new friends here and I love everything about Germany. Oh well I will be back in one year and I am going to try and keep in touch with them so that when I am back we can all hang out. I get thirty days of paid vacation in the ARMY and I will most likely take half it here and half at home in America. Yes I am going to serve my enlistment here. I like it too much to leave. I will get Dennis's, Jan's, Jojo's and Hubi's email addresses tonight and see if they want to hang out when I come back.

    When I get back to Ventura I am going to talk to my recruiter about serving here. I tried looking it up online but they only had U.S. stations. Oh well. AHh, two days. A lot of the Ami's are looking forward to coming home but I'n not.

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