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Tamika (sniffster) wrote,
@ 2004-05-28 23:23:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    left or right: Right hand, right brain
    seven or six: six...i love the idea of being six years old agian...being seven sucked though..worst year of my life.
    russia or china: AAH! COMMUNISTS! China though, better food
    english or spanish: English (only because i dont know spanish, duh)
    america or england: england, they're so opposite
    boys or girls: excuse me? what the crap is that supposed to mean? Yes. They both exist.
    pizza or pasta: Mmmm...yum to bof
    sushi or shrimp: shrimp durrrh
    rock or rap: Gangsta Rock.
    pop or classical: dumb question. and i'm movin on
    msn or aim: AIM
    milk or water: depends
    chocolate milk or strawberry milk: duh, chocolate. Strawberry is totally gross, and only the tools in school acctually drank that stuff.
    soy milk or cows milk: moo
    horses or goats: both scare me to some extent
    quizzes or tests: quizzes (they're worth less, and worthless)
    midterm or final: final...that means the term's ending and there's a vacation
    spring or fall: spring
    summer or winter: summer
    cuts or bruises: both hurt, but sometimes they look totally awesome. like that time at camp when i got like 20 brusies on me! that was so cool!
    magazine or book: books, so much more substantial
    paper or plastic: paper (RECYCLE!!)
    dollars or coins: dolla
    babys or toddlers: toddlers (anna rocks)
    chair or floor: chair
    WinMX or KaZaA: Kazaa, except i haven't had it for about a year
    Blame or take responsibility: take responsiblitiy for the most part
    lie or truth: this is a situational thing you dummy.
    easy way or hard way: see above. idiot.
    quotes or lyrics: lyrics work best when sung, but they suit as quotes
    free or hard earned: hard earned, even if i am a free loader
    MP3 player or portable CD player: MP3 Player (oh what i'd do for an iPod and to get rid of this little Rio S10)
    loud or quiet: quiet, i get mad when it's loud
    journal online or old fashioned: both, this one's fun, the other one's for when i'm sad
    used or new: both
    cheap or expensive: cheap...because thats what i am
    music or silence: music all the time
    love or lust: I hate these questions because you know what every single person who takes them will say.
    hate or loathe: i hear that those are both good for you...yeah...okay
    apathy or elation: elation, because i like to feel
    abc or xyz: Jackson 5
    Marilyn Manson or Mandy Moore:what the CRAP?
    Britney or Justin: OMG!11! they totlly broked up 'n i cryed 4 days
    Kelly or Christina: both make me choke
    write or type: i love to write with a blank sheet of paper and a nice pen. it's a beautiful moment
    computer or television: computer, duh, i'm here aren't i?
    phone or in life: i like live people
    Madonna or Marilyn (Monroe): are both cool
    Marilyn Manson or Mailyn Manroe: Marilyn Monroe, you dummy
    First name or last name: MIDDLE (harhar, i'm so original)
    town or city: both i guess
    cd or disk: CD, because they are so much cooler
    kiss or sex: kissz xoxox
    lick or suck: you suck at life
    watch or clock: watch
    same sex or different sex: different
    glasses or contacts: bof
    death or life: life please
    zombie or ghost: scurry
    day or night: night owl...hooo hooo (yes, that makes me think of Thoreau)
    saturday or sunday: yay weekends
    knives or razors: no thanks i'll pass
    boxers or briefs: boxers
    skirts or pants: i like pants

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