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Mike Williams (snaredude) wrote,
@ 2003-11-02 19:02:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Chicago - Saturday in the Park

    An un-friggin-believeably good week
    Ah yes, this week was indeed the Rock. It was totally book. Freakin spectaculawesome.

    Thursday I went trick-or-treating with Kim, Megan, Carl, Mary and Matt Pierre. I loooooove candy. Then we watched South Park the movie. More good times.

    Friday was practice, but it was also Andrea's costume party, which was more like a "show up in a costume, then immediately change out of it" party. That was a great party, I wish she had one every week. Nothing but pool, movies, and Dance Dance Revolution. Then more pool. Ah yes. Excellent indeed.

    Saturday was Midstate Championships and we did better than I could've expected. Call me a band nerd, call me obsessed, call me Ishmael, but I really love when the band does well. Especially when my drumline does well. That's right, its mine. WE got best Percussion AAA against alot of good lines. But they WEREN'T GOOD ENOUGH!!!! HAHAHAHA! WE ARE THE SWEET! Ah yes and I think the band got like first place or something.

    Oh yeah, and I think we were in finals and sucked, but the point is, WE ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Or maybe just the best of 6 AAA bands in the area. Looking at the scores the only lines we didn't beat in open class (there were 9 bands in open) were Bellbrook Milton and Kings. So out of 15 lines, we were 4th, which ain't bad at all.

    Um, I guess that's all. If you read this, post a reply so I know someone actually reads this stuff.

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2004-10-18 19:59 (link)
so i'm posting because i read this post and you asked anyone reading to don't know me i promise! i live in georgia.....percussion is awesome!! i have transitioned to percussion this year and will be trying for snare next seem like an intersting guy.....keep parents don't want me to be a music major either.....


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