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Smileylex's (smileylex) wrote,
@ 2004-01-01 02:50:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:GENERAL HOSPITAL on the soap channel

    Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year everyone! We made it! I am so happy 2003 is over. It was like the worst year of my life for more reasons than one.
    Well tonite I wanted to stay low key, so I went to Mishel's and we made a lot of junk food lol and chilled and watched the ball drop. It was nice not to be in Times Square where I was last year w/ Tamara! lol

    As I was leaving Mishel's house I got a text message from Rob. Thanks man! You made my night! And thanks for staying up till god knows what hour listening to me vent. It means a lot to me. :)

    Ok here is what the rest of my day consisted of.

    I woke up and went to teach a gazillion lessons all over the place. Well, maybe not a GAZILLION but it was still a lot. 6 total. All of them were in Nassau except for one which was in QUEENS! I LOVE QUEENS!
    All the money I made today is gone already b/c I sent the money order away for my new CLARINET BAG! I am so excited about getting a BUFFET R-13. I have never wanted anything more and this bag is the finishing touch!

    Oh and I got a new job too! I am excited. Start friday. All I am gonna say is that it is at a store somewhere in Suffolk, lol. If you wanna know where, IM me or email me. :)

    OK before I pass out, here is a new years shout out to the best peeps in the world:

    Anna, Meredith, Mike (AFLAC!), Mishel, Megan, Rob, Amanda, HASHIMTOT, Shu, Mary, Seeri, Liz, Jes and JESSALYN!

    Sweat Dreams all! :)

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