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Brianna (smileshidetears) wrote,
@ 2004-12-06 18:39:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:plain white tees~ YOUR FAULT

    well today was ok i guess aside from the fact that i was completely derived of sleep since my body is incapable of getting a good nights sleep so yea although i didn't feel too well at school .. i sleepwalked thru the day.. and .. it only monday boo hoo it really feels like fri to me.. yea tonight at gymnastics was the usual.. I SUCK and can't do ne thing ..and first meet is fricken on this thurs. but we get out at 2.55 yea. lol but i am not ready at all .. so i have come to the conclusion that i will just go out and do my stupid routines with out adding in any diffuculty and just at least TRY to have a little fun..: \ OUr FIRST INVITE IS THIS SAT. @ CRAIG ... I SHOULD SEE EVERYONE THERE!!!! hopefuly cuz NO ONE is EVER at gymnastics meets...GYMNASTICS ROCKS .. yea
    well i think i am done now nothing else to say .. i am talkign t o jackie right now which makes me happy cuz i haven't talked to ne of them in a long while : ) (by the way.. i really want u guys to come to parker next year.)
    k i really think i am done now lol BYE

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2004-12-06 22:05 (link)
well i fell you exactley ! i know everything is fine..... but everything sucks. parents yell constontley and i can do nothign about it because every thing i do to them sucks! and to them im stupid and dont know anythign and ... huh im just sick of it.... but to everyone around me in perfect.. and im fine.... oooh well life goes on! bri

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