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Brianna (smileshidetears) wrote,
@ 2004-12-03 22:50:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:falloutboy

    ugghh! everyone else has a LIFE .. not ME :'( i have NO LIFE whatsoever but i would really like one .. so if u find me a life please be sure to let me know...yea whatever fuck this..a pic of my life below...

    *EMPTINESS* just like my head and heart ha

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no life people are cool
2004-12-06 20:32 (link)
hello there

just to let you know i have no life and few friends. but i like it like this. i'm like the geek of my grade who loves video games. i only have one (kinda) friend at school. the rest of the people who infest my school are stupid tipical teens that are trying to fit in and be people they aren't. (i could go on forever with that subject) but anyways i hope you have a good day and i'll talk my father into lettin me go to parker

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Re: no life people are cool
2004-12-06 21:17 (link)
thankx jackie and yea i feel the same way but i still can never do ne thing even if something comes up s o yea whatever.. bri

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