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Cat (smilemptysoul06) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 11:50:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:linkin park- faint

    three components
    Fuck!!Something is wrong on my computer!!

    I miss cutting

    The Mind. A self-conscience image of who you are and what makes you, you. An unmistakable trademark of reality that begs us to become who? Merely a representation of what we see ourselves most as, or closest too. None the less it is a necessity that we as intellectual beings need in life to get through.

    The Body. A tool and a carriage for the ever present conscience entity that is the mind. As vast in variety as the mind itself there is no telling what shape you will find. A means of protection from the elements for everyone including the dumb, deaf, and blind. But like the mind, each and every body is truly one of a kind.

    The Soul. The soul is that which gives the body life and also what brings the mind to the light. Something that you can't really touch but you can feel it like the heat of the night. Those who have the eyes for such a task they can bring it to their sight. But you must keep a hold of your soul with all of your might.

    Three components, yet one is not more important than the other. But imagine if they were split from each other as a child to its mother. A force unknown brings them to one another. But there are things that will rip them apart like a dying king and a prince with a brother.

    First there is a pop, then there's a twist. A blaze of light, and in an instant the meaning of life is missed. But these three seem not to care. Lets just sit in on these hopeless few while they ravage in the existence they share. They are all entranced by the weakness of the search for power and greed. So listen closely, listen closely indeed...

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