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Brian Cortes (smelleycues) wrote,
@ 2011-08-16 13:41:00
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    Do Meucci Cues Carry Their Valuation?
    I notice that lots of pool players keep their Meucci Cues, just because they think that they maintain their worth. Are Meucci Cues a smart investment? I believe the reply to this might benefit a whole lot of cue owners and stop awful purchasing decisions.Why is a Meucci cue or any cue, in fact, a smart purchase.

    Well, I'd believe that it would need to maintain or, ideally, rise in worth with time. Isn't that the meaning of investment? So, what can make it hold its value with time?I believe you need to consider two kinds of valuation. Probably the most straight-forward method to value a Meucci pool cue is always to figure out what somebody could be ready to pay for it in the open market. This is how people end up in difficulty, usually.

    Meucci cues frequently have a greater “perceived” value when compared with their “real” worth. Since Meucci has created a wide variety of designs over a lot of decades, folks often believe a specific Meucci cue may sell for lots of money, simply because it's older or uncommon. Sadly, this isn’t generally accurate. Quite often, the cues just aren’t as rare as people think. If a specific Meucci cue includes a really powerful story associated with it, it might carry some worth. For example, in the event the cue was owned by a famous individual or pool player, it might help hold its value, however it needs to be proven.

    Apart from the marketplace worth of a cue, the Meucci cue might have intrinsic worth of another sort. Possibly they really like the way it performs or there's emotional worth of some type. Despite the fact that this kind of value is extremely real and worth taking into consideration, it's got absolutely nothing to do with your cue being a fine investment. That is the reason why purchasers and dealers of Meucci cues need to make very good, unemotional, choices prior to making a deal.

    Emotionally charged attachment is usually what results in a lot of undesirable deals.All that being considered, how could you determine whether a Meucci cue will make will make a great purchase. To begin with, I'd say…do your research. Devote one hour, doing analysis on the web. Search for comparable sticks available for sale and find out what folks are asking. Take a look at online auctions, cue sellers, classified ad websites. A person may even get in touch with sellers to determine the amount of interest they've had in their stick, just how long it's been on the market and if it has sold. This is nice information to provide you with a sense of the interest in your Meucci cue.

    The bottom-line is: Do not purchase a vintage Meucci Cue without having done some research first. You may well be sorry.

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