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chrissy (smalltownchick) wrote,
@ 2003-03-02 11:13:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:*No Music*

    hey peoplez
    mornin mornin, im bored.. itz sunday, whoopie... i have algebra homework to do[what fun], i didnt go to school on friday so i have like 2 tests to make up.. i think, its really bad that im so bored i want to go back to school. i think i need a life, cuz i dont have one.. like my friend kyle has a woman now, so he never wants to do anything and my cousin erin, i can never find and well in this town thats pretty much it, i would go see my friend randi but she lives like not near my house, so i dunno how i would get there.. but other than that i have nobody to go see... lol i know, im a loser... well anyway, i was lookin at that thing in my last journal entry[about josh hartnett], well anyway it says i like that shy guys that take awhile to open up.. well i dont like that damnit.. ok shy guys are ok, but i need someone that CAN open up.. lol thats a tough one.. well im out. <33
    XoXo Chrissy*
    *Good Charlotte is da best band EVER! Joel is hotttttt!!*

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