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Matt (smallpimpin) wrote,
@ 2003-11-20 20:58:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulders

    Its been a long time, i shouldnt have have left you...
    without a dope beat to step to.

    yes, the blurty is back, and we are 3/8 done with senior year. that is so great. something like 127 days
    so things have changed since the last time i updated. school is cool! no. i forget where i read this quote, but drew carey said it: "oh you hate school too, well theres a support group for that. its called "everyone." theyre meeting at the bar right now. the sorta important people in my life have changed too, well not so much changed as they have grown to include a few more.
    i'm really hopin to get closer to someone in particular though, but i dont know if that will happen. (who is that about hmmm? guesses will be entertained) ohh yeah
    speaking of work, it definitely sucks balls. my managers even tell me like, "oh youre good on register you make the percentage go up" i guess thats why i got an 8 cent raise like 2 months ago. sweet!

    today in english, we were talking about viewing things that we see a lot as new, and appreciating them like we did the first time. we talked about movies we watch over and over, me and rohan both said fight club, and them im like "yeah i like SNATCH" and everyone but mr lee was crackin up, hes just like "you guys are being funny again arent you"
    english is so easy this year, we do nothing at all. oh yeah i appreciate everyone who laughed when i said darius likes alice in wonderland (its true)

    report cards came today. i did horribly
    physics = 99, ap chem = 93, p.e. = 100, eng 101 = 103, math = 91, economics = 100
    overall 97.7 sweet!

    post some comments it motivates me to update more.

    yeah i definitely changed from freshman year to now, if you knew me back then you know this is true.

    should i ask for gameboy advance SP for christmas? anyone have it? is it hot? for the past few weeks we've all been hooked on mario, first it was the lost worlds, now it is yoshi. mario has to be one of the best games created EVER.

    anyone ever have a class that when they walk into it they want to die? yeah thats how ap chemistry is for me. sweet. last wednesday we had a test, so i was planning on leaving after 3rd (cuz chem was 4 and 5). well i get to school, start the 20 foot walk from the parking lot, and who would drive in at that exact moment but ms campbell my chem teacher. and who would wave and smile at me? ill give u one guess. lol but i left anyways and said i went home sick...i dont think she bought it.

    this applies to everyone: are you done with your college applications? i'm not. where are you applying to?

    LeBron James...LeBron James...LeBron James...LeBron James

    with that i am gonna go to bed, yes it is 9 oclock and sleeping right now is really fun. leave some comments

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matt + ashley fowl-er = <3 see matt... i know my calculus too..
2003-11-21 19:16 (link)
I know exactly how youve changed matt... i mean lets just reflect on freshman year... when everyone called you a faggot and threw cheese sandwiches at you in gym... i mean it was ludacris( mr. wiggles) and now look at you... not only have they started calling you a heterosexually challenged male....but now they throw eggplant parm at you in gym... oh how times have changed.. ps im eating paint chips while im writing this... in sourcream and lead dip... mmmm...

matt youre a sexy bastard... i know this bc whitney wants your white wang...and shes ghetto... play on white chocolate .. play on.

okay im done..

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2003-11-27 22:03 (link)
was that lauren^^^^

Anyway havent really changed since you were a fresh man. You still come on to me all the time and try to rip my shirt off when you are drunk. Lol, not even rehab can change that- like its ingrained on your soul! JP Love I love jumping out of airplanes without parachutes.



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2003-11-28 00:40 (link)
yeah that was lauren's dirty ass- i swear the child is crazy in love with the almight fowlabeast (the hungry fowlabeast roams the plains in search of its next meal). we've all changed since fresh year. i'm fresher and well youre not as fresh. heh heh heh u know what i mean! and i love ya as mush as i love shoving poisonous pufferfish into my urethra

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2003-12-05 18:06 (link)
y would u bring it back if u never write in it , duh

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