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Slim (slim_unit) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 01:05:00
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    Current mood: content

    i'm going to explode!!!!
    woooo Turkey day!!! But before that, there came Wednesday. This was a good day. Got the paper done, 1 class was cancelled, made lots o' overtime at work, talked to DougLife and all was fantastic. Thursday I woke up and momma and daddy0 (the best parents in the world) were here. Woo woo. They didn't bring Lance but that's ok. My uncle came over and we all ate dinner. yeahhhh that was some good stuff. I think I'm still full. Then a total suprise--my cousins came over and brought the baby. Abby's so great. She's almost 1 now and just totally amazes me with what she can do. I'm glad I got to see her because I won't be able to make it down for her 1st birthday party :( Everyone left to go home and I went to sleep. A lonnnngggggggggg deep sleep. Ahhh soooo good, until i had to wake up at 5am to go shopping for the stuff i wanted for my apartment. Went to Walmart for the crazy sale to get a vacuum on sale for $33. I went to where they were and there was ONE left. So as I'm reaching over to grab it some man snatches away from me and gives it to his wife. What a dick!!! Oh well. I still ended up getting another vacuum, microwave, whole cookware set, blender, chopper, coffee maker, george foreman grill, and DVD player for only $180. Not too shabby. I figure if i buy little by little for the apartment it won't seem so expensive and take a huge chunk out of my bank account all at once. I'm workin on it. All in all a great Thanksgiving. Got to spend it with my family and that's all I could ask for :) Just got home from work, now its time for sleep.

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