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Schro (slicknsly) wrote,
@ 2003-08-20 20:50:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:silence

    school sucks ass you guyz
    dont make me go to school tomorrow... the TV confuses me, ive chosen to not watch more than 30 minutes a day anymore. Blurty confuses me too and Claire wont help me out with it. Today was... boring, heh, caitlyn, helping algebra do homework??? i love codewords, they are so much fun! Ive been trying to pick out a book for kat to read, but i honestly dont know what she'd like! I'm reading the Joy Luck Club, it is a very good book. I am a loser, but that has allready been established. This lady called and asked me to babysit saturday night, i d dont know her, and i dont feel like it, but still, money. I love my new eyeliner and eyeshadow curtosy of kyle! just thought id put that

    I went to wall mart w/ jennie n the venezuelans after school today and ran into just about everyone i possibly could. MARY KERSTIN! hehe, who never did call me today, ciera, molly, meghan, n others its all good in the hood

    i still miss rowline a lot, i try to find ways to run into her in the hallways! it makes life interesting to take a differant route to class each day guyz, im out

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2003-08-24 10:40 (link)
WalMart with the Venezuelans...what could be more fun?! Hope ya didnt get in trouble.....

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