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dan (slacker666) wrote,
@ 2003-06-24 00:55:00
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    Current mood: productive
    Current music:colotimity

    cunt cunt cunt cunt bloody butt cunt
    ok stupid mokey butt rocket im back. I the dizzoung Butt master Randy. Oh yeah the cat made me remember what it was aboot. I was going to be a cyborg. Yeah Im going to remove my organs and be a cyborg. iiiiiiiiiii shut up bloody cunt bag.... snatch blast fever ooooo yeah. dirty dirty cock monger. idont anything about your dumbass fucking butt rocket butt ass shit hell damn yeah i fucking like my shitass cunt balls pussy fuck asshole dirty tash ba mouth. cockrockethole.::::::::::: Why dony you just go bleed out your ear. bitch no i dont like that it should be fuck you fucking fuck. i like ::go fucking fuck your self you fucking fuck:::: lol fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck and damn damn damn toooo.fucking ass queef. 586-7309 doe anybody know that number because you should. no really you should. pleas. I have some words for you butt I will have to get them you you later if you please. Ass cracker yummmmmmm I will be to do im in the later if you go it for the food. i like food i need food pulm plum plum. FUCKING ASSBAGGERS

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2003-06-24 10:18 (link)
what the fuck? lay off the drugs man!

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2003-06-24 13:22 (link)

867-5309 actually, it's jenny's number. at least that's what it says in the song.....

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2003-06-26 00:49 (link)
lalalalala... Dan, this is Felicia,,, add me to your friends, I had to deleate the olther one... long story... hum,,,, lalalalalala,,,,

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