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Fate Krystal Anderson (skittles162005) wrote,
@ 2006-04-19 10:02:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic

    my weekend
    it went really good. it rain off n on, but the tyms that the sun shone were just so beautiful! i spent a lot of tym w/ Scotty,too. of course i spent tym w/ other ppl, too, but i was around Scotty alot. i enjoyed ev'rything i did, but when i got home and on monday, when i sat n thought about it, i felt sum of the stuff we did wasn't right. i mean, we really didn't set ne boundries and so we did whatever. he gave me a piggyback ride a couple tyms n i tried 2 give him one. we flirted a lot ... tickling, tackling, and pickin' on eachother. i felt we shouldn't be getting so "intimate" and touchy w/ ea.other n so i wrote him a letter n than waited for a reply. since it was sent by mail, it won't probaby get 2 him til today, so i felt really horrible ... knowin' i'd stay depressed n distressed til i heard fr him on what he thought about this,too. well, thank God, he called last night an apologised,too. i told him i has sent a letter, as well. we found out that we both felt the same way n that was cool. it made me feel sooooooooo much better. i was extremely happy n thankful when i got off the ph and i went 2 my room and played worship music, praised YHWH (God), read marked verses in my Bible and wrote in my journal. i feel i love Scotty even more coz of this .... coz we both agree. it's so awesome!!!!
    well, i'll tell u this, i had a total blast at the beach, i felt bad about what we did, tho, on monday, but i feel so happy, relieved, and at peace, now that Scotty n i have shared how we feel. i think this budding relationship has sum hope ....

    don't u?

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