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*Shannon* (skippershan) wrote,
@ 2004-01-05 20:03:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:lover lay down- DMB~ sexiest song

    I want a boy!
    I don't know if it is just me but i really want a boyfriend, but not necerssarily a Boyfriend but just someone that i really like and he feels the same about me...when you have a boyfriend it feels too confined and trapped. I just want someone that i feel for and can fool around with but still have fun with other guys...god i just hate relationships because someone always gets hurt, and i hate that i just want someone to kiss when it is snowing or cuddle with during a movie or go get caribou someone besides Dierdre haha i love you doll but i think we need some boys! not that i am sick of making out with you its just ya know... haha! but school was good it went by really fast and i was in a good mood until the end of the day and i dont know why i think it might be because emily and dave broke up and i want her to hook back up with john i dont talk to em that much anymore and i miss it because she is adorable i feel that b/c of the whole me and john thang...its even more uncomfortable...but i loved them together but i have NO idea whats going on with them i just loved them together but anyways i hate finals i wish they didnt exist but the weird part is my parents dotn give a shit about my grades i could fail all my classes and they wouldnt know or say anything...i dont know i guess im lucky but it kinda sucks cause i could go out all weekend and they wouldnt even care that i wasnt studying for the damn exams. But whatever my mom has been especially nosy lately and its starting to get annoying and really weird...she'll come in the room when i am on the phone and just sit and like listen to what i am saying and then i cant really talk to whoever i am talking to cause she is right there yeah shes a yatch! well, i just saw my brother and he hasnt shaved so hes got a bit of a mustache goin and he looks like a dirty mexi so maybe him and christina should hang out i dotn know haha just a thought but yeah i gotta go b/c i have to get away from this computer all i do is keep listening to lover lay down over and over again and it is getting me more and more turned on haha sooo...good night and sweet dreams!~S~

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yeah, shannon!
2004-01-06 07:32 (link)
whatsup biznatch! hahah nice job on the blurty sexy mama, so yeah we do need boyfriends i think that we should start working on that, your a really good kisser and all its just i dunno haha jkjk... so yeah american physco this weekend?? anyone, anyone, and we can go to colonial too so i can scream oh shit when i spill all over you! ha! welp see ya later (babe ahhhh i hate that) bye <3 dierdre

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