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Kerry (skategal88) wrote,
@ 2003-07-15 19:56:00
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    A secret between friends
    Trapped in the soul of a forbidden storm
    Locked in a cage of insanity
    Closing in
    No longer spaces, just emptiness
    Indulged in the wounds
    Oh what relieving wounds
    Obsessed with the numbers of gravity
    Stay in the light

    Lately my moms been calling me busty. Now to most people this wouldn't be a big deal u'd just bump up to the next bra size, i'm not ready to do that! i found a bra in my drawer that was a B cup and i tried it on not knowing, it was big so i asked my mom if it was hers or something and she wa slike no and i told her how i tried it on. she started going on about how she doesn't believe i'm an a and all this stuff. So i showed her my fav. bra and was like this fits!!!! and she was like HA ur a 34 not a 32 like u've been saying!!! she just wants to fucking get me!!!! I feel so fat, its not even funny. I was doing fine and then boom, everyone started making comments. I just wish i could tell the whole fucking world about this but noone belives me cus i'm not skinny enough. Weight doesn't have everything to do with it!!! its a mentality, i just wish i could make a broadcast to the whole world about that UGGGH!. Only a select few know, and half of them i wish i had never told!!! some people assume and others just think i'm fine! uggggh! i'm not fine!!! i'm crying over a bra!!!! and noone can see it!!! i just wish it wasn't a little secret! its a disease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wana fall asleep and wake up 90 pounds.... then i'd be happy right?

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wish i could help...
2003-07-15 21:05 (link)
i wish i could help but theres nothing i can really say. i WOULD tell you that you werent fat and that lots of people actually like having boobs grow and that it's not a big deal but i know that doesnt help. but i WILL say that i love you and that if there's anything else u wanna talk about our answering machine is always on. if it makes u feel any better im a 34/36... and who is commenting? what did they say?

love you, allegra

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